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css stylesheet editor Another possibility would be to use a program like Adobe Dreamweaver to construct your site (the caveat here is that there is a definite learning curve using Dreamweaver). You may also opt to use a blogging site such as Blogger. com or Wordpress as your platform since the difference between a website and a blog has become hard to distinguish. I personally like Wordpress since I use it for my website wesavemoney4u. com partly because it is easy to use, and, there are many ways to enhance the look and functionality of a website with the hundreds of plug-ins and widgets that are available. Navigation Simple, easy to see and use menu bars are the key. Whether your "nav bar" is on the side or you decide to use menus tabs at the top of the page they should be easy to read and navigate. I prefer menu tabs at the top of the page because they will be the first thing a visitor will see. Clean Layout Do not be afraid to use white space to keep your site clean and spacious. A lot of websites cram so much text and graphics into their page the visitor can become somewhat overwhelmed. Of course, many of these sites are professionally designed and because of the sheer volume of product a company has to offer they cover the page with tons of graphics and long pages.

Accepting the customer psychology It is essential for website design to build a permanent impression on the clients to develop your website traffic and visibility on the internet. An excellent website design draws the awareness of your client and induces him to get a positive action. Hence, it becomes essential to design the website from the Viewer's point of view. If you have been to shopping in the superstore, you might have observed, how each product is displayed there to draw the clients and tempt them to buy the product. Similarly, you should be able to apply the same philosophy to your website design by accepting what features of your website is most likely to represent maximum attention of the clients. -Content is the ruler It is more pleasing to have websites with affluent content than which are purely attractive to look.

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WebSmartz Website Building Software Website building software is one that allows you to build a website in just a few simple steps even if you don't know any graphic designing tools.

I began by learning Dreamweaver software. BTW, this got me absolutely no where, as I had to re-learn everything. TIP Dreamweaver is good, learning backend is better, and if you ever plan on becoming a quality web designer and/or programmer you will have to learn this; and dreamweaver in no way prepares you for it. Anyway, I digress. Once I think I have come a long way in my slowly expanding knowledge of web design, graphic design and programming, there is an entirely new set of languages I have to learn. And, before I learn them I have to actually know what in heck I need to learn them for. So here's a little overview for anyone who has been in my predicament (This list assumes you already know web graphics & proper designing principles.

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She then cruised the Caribbean and the South Atlantic down to the port of Maranhao, Brazil. In this part of her career she showed her capabilities under the adept leadership of Commander Semmes by capturing several prizes. Following the cruise to Maranhao, Brazil, the CSS Sumter headed for Martinique where she met the USS Iroquois. Again the Union Navy attempted to stop the CSS Sumter but the crew was able to maneuver the ship in such a fashion that the USS Iroquois lost her. The next phase of the career of the CSS Sumter saw her take prizes on the way to Cadiz, Spain. In this phase of the CSS Sumter's career the US Navy attempted to stop her in St. Pierre only to be foiled yet again in their efforts. Finally in January of 1862, she was forced to sail into the port of Gibraltar because she was too damaged to continue voyages without repairs. As a result of the damage and needed repairs, she was sold to the Fraser-Trenholm Company. They would refit her and continue her service to the Confederate cause as a blockade runner under the name of the SS Gibraltar. Under the command of Captain E.

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css frame 1. Website design/Interface This cannot be overemphasized. The simpler the website, the better it is. Look at some of the most famous websites like Google website. It has very simple design. Simple design helps to keep the pages look neat, load fast and do not distract visitors from the intended message.