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tumblr css This isn't necessary. To make the graphic match the rounded corners, place it over your header block. Then, select the outside of your header block. With this selection made, click Select, choose Modify, and click Contract. Set the amount to about 15 pixels and click OK. Then, hit the backspace key on your keyboard.

The full name of the company 2.

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The HTML tutorial will also serve as a backup knowledge for you in the future.

somesite. com/images/myImage. gif") The property (name) is background-image. Note the hyphen. The property value is url("myImage. gif"). The URL of the image goes in quotes (single or double) inside the brackets. If the HTML file having the style sheet and the image are in the same directory, then you do not need the complete URL; the name of the file would suffice in that case. The above property/value pair as well as any property/value pair goes either into the value of the style property of the HTML element or into a rule of the style sheet in the HTML Head element or into a rule in some external style sheet. Remember, if you have more than one property/value pairs in a rule, use semicolons to separate them. You may have a rule like this in the HTML Style sheet in the HTML HEAD element body background-image url("myImage.

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Wow, if you have read through the series from the beginning to this point, then you are beginning to get the feel of presentation with CSS. Let us stop here and continue in the next part of the series. Chrys CSS Web Design To Make Your Website Less Erroneous From the day CSS emerged as the part of website design, it was a temptation for the web design companies. Remember, manipulating anything to the maximum levels depends upon the way you use it. Most of the web design experts suggest that never jump on to the CSS in the very beginning, when preparing a website. When there was only HTML to create a website, designers used to make blunder of preparing a layout without content. Eventually, when the content is put on the page, the designers encounter the mismanaged width and height issues. Additionally, HTML makes it more difficult to make changes within the limited time span. CSS based website design is free from this obstacle. When a designer prepares a CSS web design, there remain least chances of irregularities in measurements, which consequently lessen the possibility of numerous alterations. For less erroneous website design, you need to follow a particular pattern while designing a website.

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css topS. Navy ships Carandolet, Tyler, and Queen of the West and thoroughly decimated them in short order. The Carandolet and Tyler were severely damaged and determined to be unseaworthy and the Queen of the West was beaten up so bad that it could not pursue the Arkansas. In a matter of 30 minutes, the action was over and the C. S. S. S. Arkansas and her crew is one of the many examples of brave actions undertaken by the determined men of the Confederate States Navy. Sources "CSS Arkansas," Naval Historical Center http //www. history. navy.