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important in css How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Select Appearance The appearance tab has probably already been selected by default. But if it has not, click on the appearance tab in the far left area of the control panel. If there is trouble seeing it, notice there is a rainbow prism circle graphic above the word appearance. Again, if it has been selected, the area should be highlighted in blue. How To Customize Your Myspace 2.

The Virginia tried to engage the Monitor on several occasions later on, but neither ship engaged any ship after their first meeting.

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The script will be changing the layers as a result of some events or timing intervals. - Similar to the above, you can use absolute positioning for web page games. Chrys Understanding CSS Fixed Positioning Introduction CSS Fixed Positioning allows you to keep some HTML elements in their position in the client area of the web page, while another element is being scrolled. I show you how to achieve that in this article. This technology works with the latest versions of major browsers. It does not work with old browsers.

Note that all of my tags have extra spaces inside of them so that they display correctly on Associated Content. If you copy and paste this code, remove those extra spaces. style type="text/css" > a. info span display none; a. info hover position relative; a. info hover span display block; position absolute; border thin solid black; background-color yellow; < /style > < p >Here's some test text.

border bottom css

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In this phase of the CSS Sumter's career the US Navy attempted to stop her in St. Pierre only to be foiled yet again in their efforts. Finally in January of 1862, she was forced to sail into the port of Gibraltar because she was too damaged to continue voyages without repairs. As a result of the damage and needed repairs, she was sold to the Fraser-Trenholm Company. They would refit her and continue her service to the Confederate cause as a blockade runner under the name of the SS Gibraltar. Under the command of Captain E. C. Reid, the scourge of the US Navy would continue as the CSS Sumter/ SS Gibraltar brought several loads of cannon and other war materials into the port of Wilmington, North Carolina, throughout 1863, and 1864. In her career as a commerce raider under the command of Commander Rafael Semmes, the CSS Sumter managed to capture a total of 18 enemy ships. Of these ships, 9 were released on bond and 8 were burned. Although Commander Semmes led the CSS Sumter for only a few months from June of 1861 to January of 1862, the command gave him invaluable experience that would come out in his later exploits.

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css file example (Vise, 39-40) Here are a few things we can learn from Google's website success 1. Focus your home page on what you most want your visitor to do--or what they most want to do. In Google's case, this is searching. The search box is right in the middle of the page and is the longest element on there. As Joe at www. bookofjoe. com/2006/08/07/index. html How to Choose a Website Design Company For a company doing business in the modern world having an online presence is extremely important. Big companies couldn't afford not having a company website and small companies need one if you want to be taken seriously. More often than not your future clients will go to the internet and search for your company name to learn what your company can do for them. Search engines give preference to the official company website when someone is searching for a company name.