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flex css Using the right resources, this should range between ten and twenty hours to learn with limited previous programming knowledge. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - This language styles practically everything you see on the page. Borders, highlights, font faces, colors, placement (of the aforementioned organizational boxes), and more are all included in CSS. This is a critical language to know and probably takes between ten and fifteen hours to learn. With XHTML and CSS under your belt, you're ready to start designing your first static websites (websites that do not need to be updated regularly). PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) - PHP is used for the server-side requests of a website this means interacting with a database (used for storing users or forum posts, for example) or sending cookies from one page to another (eg. to make sure a user is logged still logged in). More than just a scripting or markup language, PHP is a real-deal programming language. As such, it is far more difficult and different than the previous two languages, and would take an estimated thirty to sixty hours to learn. MySQL - MySQL, an online database application, is generally learned in conjunction with PHP. Most of the time, PHP is used to retrieve values from a website user and pass them into MySQL, which stores them into a MySQL database (which is, if you visualize it, just a table that can hold a lot of data).

"Couldn't live without them, you know it's all part of that techno thing," adds Lee.

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You also do not put a space between the figure and the unit. So you can have something like, 345px or 2em or 65%. Also note that 1px is not the same as 1em which is not the same as 1%. Let us stop here and continue in the next part of the series. Chrys CSS Description Types An external CSS is one that is written outside of the HTML document. This is the best was to use CSS because you can apply the same styles to many pages.

Potential clients can come from anywhere and if your site can't load on time, they'll make use of it by skipping to your competitor's website. 3. Use colours to enhance the look Different cultures connect with colours differently. So if you are making your site global, study the effects of colours carefully. For example, you may like to use 'red' to symbolise the festivity that your product brings to family but people may associate it with 'danger'. Similarly 'green' can be seen as a sign of greed rather than 'environmental awareness'.

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If you are just someone who is looking to learn new things that will make them more appealing to companies in the future, then it's also important to learn the two most used internet computer languages out there. In this article I will talk about two online interactive tutorials that I have found to be the best out there. They will walk you through almost everything you have to know, and then they will allow you to practice what you learned at the bottom of the page. If you're already wondering who offers such a great service out there, and especially who offers it for free, then keep reading. I'm going to tell you about www. DaveSite. com and how it helped me to learn HTML and CSS in about two days. HTML Tutorial The HTML tutorial will help you to learn basic, intermediate, and advanced skills as you go along with the tutorial. It's possible that you may know already what one mini chapter contains, and DaveSite. com offers users the ability to skip from chapter to chapter. The HTML tutorial will also serve as a backup knowledge for you in the future.

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web templates css Admiral David Farragut ordered the ships of his Mississippi River Squadron to brave the guns of Vicksburg on the night of July 22 and to bombard the Arkansas in its berth at Vicksburg. Fortunately, the Arkansas was not damaged by much of the attack. However, its engines continued to prove to be faulty and suffered minor damage due to the concussive force of the explosive shells used by the Union Navy in its attack. In spite of the ship's faulty engines, the C. S. S. Arkansas was a monster that struck pure fear into the hearts of Union naval commanders as they received reports of its construction through their intelligence network. Just how powerful this valiant ship was would be seen very soon by the sailors of the Union Navy who were tasked with blockading the Mississippi River and assisting the Federal Army in its advance on Vicksburg, Mississippi. As dawn broke on July 15, 1862, Lieutenant Issac Brown prepared his ship and its crew of 232 brave officers and men for a mission that would place them forever in the annals of military history. Having orders to assist with the defense of the Confederate stronghold at Vicksburg and facing a falling tide on the Yazoo River, Lieutenant Brown ordered his crew to build up a head of steam in the ship's boilers and prepare the ship to engage the Federal fleet that was at the junction of the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers. In spite of delays that fouled the ship's gunpowder and filled its bow with scalding steam, the ship made its way down the Yazoo River and engaged the Federal fleet.