css background gradient

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link color css Learning your way through creating PSD layouts to the eventual conversion to HTML and CSS, you will gain a toolset to begin with that seriously set you apart from other 'beginners'. Line 25 How to Code up a Web Design from PSD to HTML Very simply, this tutorial is what it says it is. However, I would rate this a MEDIUM or DIFFICULT tutorial for one reason alone you must already have a good grasp on HTML coding before you use this tutorial. Other than that, this tutorial will take you beyond the auto-code from slices feature packaged in Photoshop, which often results is 'dirty' code that is associated with tables instead of CSS. Coding by hand ensures better SEO, cleaner code, and quicker load times. This is often called 'hand-coding' because it relies on your knowledge and work rather than automated processes flipped out by software.

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0 customize control panel.

To begin, click the Border link in the left panel. Now you will see the border style, border size, and border color. Drop those three boxes down and make your selections. When you are finished with these three options, click the Apply button and then the OK button. The box will now close. Your new CSS style for your borders have now been created. To apply a border, right click on an image and hover over CSS Styles and click "Border" or whatever you named it. The style will then be applied to the image. How to Create Custom Tooltips with Just HTML and CSS If you mouseover a link on a website, you'll likely see a simple yellow tooltip. This comes from the < title > attribute of the < a > tag. These are wonderful for adding some extra information to links - such as the title of the target page, a brief description, etc.

css background gradient

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This makes use of a few css techniques - display none/display block, positioning, and the a hover element. It takes a bit to explain this, so you're better off reading the full tutorial on creating tooltips. With this technique in hand, you can easily create tooltips that you can style - without worrying about whether or not the user has client-side scripting turned on. Create Pseudo-3d Buttons Using Borders The last trick allows you to create a 3d effect for buttons that you create using only simple css and a gradient backgruond image. By giving your image specially colored borders - dark on one side and light on the other - you can create the illusion of depth. Put that color theory and art school to work in web design. If you add a gradient image as a background, you can enhance that illusion and give the button greater depth. To see an example button and the full css code to this, check out this tutorial on creating 3d buttons in css. This simple technique saves you the trouble of creating tons of images for each button you want to have on your website. Well there you have it. Three CSS tips and tricks to help jazz up your site.

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inline style css You may also opt to use a blogging site such as Blogger. com or Wordpress as your platform since the difference between a website and a blog has become hard to distinguish. I personally like Wordpress since I use it for my website wesavemoney4u. com partly because it is easy to use, and, there are many ways to enhance the look and functionality of a website with the hundreds of plug-ins and widgets that are available. Navigation Simple, easy to see and use menu bars are the key. Whether your "nav bar" is on the side or you decide to use menus tabs at the top of the page they should be easy to read and navigate. I prefer menu tabs at the top of the page because they will be the first thing a visitor will see. Clean Layout Do not be afraid to use white space to keep your site clean and spacious. A lot of websites cram so much text and graphics into their page the visitor can become somewhat overwhelmed. Of course, many of these sites are professionally designed and because of the sheer volume of product a company has to offer they cover the page with tons of graphics and long pages. Unless you deal with a volume of products like Amazon.