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javascript css class After all, if they're accessing your website via a mobile device then they are most likely away from their desks and on the go which means they are not looking to wade and scroll through hundreds of words to find what they're looking for. Give them what they need right away. Use your CSS handheld stylesheet to set up the mobile version of your website so that it will display the information that you want your visitors to see when they first open up your page. Leave out heavy graphics and pictures and extraneous navigation. Instead, use different font colors to add to the visual style of your mobile website and create smaller graphics and pictures that you can call with your handheld stylesheet. What you would need to do is create separate "divs" that would be used in the handheld stylesheet and that would not be used in the screen stylesheet and vice versa.

The colours, that background, choice of boxes and images should not be gaudy.

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Other units can be used.

While individual color preferences vary, the following is generally accepted as the emotions and reactions colors suggest Black - authority and power White - purity and innocence Green - health, freedom, tranquility; the easiest color on the eye Blue - security, authority, faithfulness and dignity Yellow - optimistic, cheerful and an attention-getter if used sparingly Brown - affluence, effectiveness Gray - authority, practicality and creativity Orange - pleasure, excitement and ambition Pink - femininity, well-being and innocence Purple - luxury, wealth, and sophistication Red - excitement, strength, aggressiveness; the most emotionally intense color Simply put, the influence of color is inescapable. It's what draws us in - or tunes us out. Its clout goes beyond personal preference to have a real impact on your business and your customers' perceptions. Make sure the colors you chose are sending the right message. Website Designing'" Top 5 Tips for Perfect Web Design Have you ever imagined how some of the websites are able to survive in the crowd of the millions of websites present on the web? These websites are the sole representative of you and your businesses in front of the visitors. Amongst the crowd, it becomes a real tough nut to crack.

css bgcolor

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HTML Tutorial at DaveSite. com CSS Tutorial at DaveSite. com Loading CSS Stylesheets Dynamically (Browser Evalution) Cascading Stylesheets is an amazing tool in the arsenal of any web developer, designer or anyone who wants a simple way of stylizing and customizing their web site or a web page without tedious and inefficient table approach. Unfortunately the way that page renders depends on the way the browser interprets css styles. IE (internet explorer) and Firefox (Mozilla Firefox) for instance render information differently. Myself, being a web programmer/developer I ran into the difficulty of making my css look consistent across browsers mostly because of the different Tag rendering. So I finally reached the conclusion that it doesn't take much memory to load different css when the page first loads ,and the trip to a server wouldn't be that much expensive. So without any other boring stories here is one of the ways to determine what browser the user is using and loading the appropriate css. (demonstrated in C . net ). 1.

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favicon css z-index This is the z-index position of the element (layer). The value is a whole number (integer). Negative values are possible, but I will not talk about that. I advise you to start given your z-index position from 2 upwards. Read and try the following code (use your own image) "http //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict. dtd"> body padding 100px div padding 75px; width 50%; border solid 2px blue This is the Body element with 100px padding. This is the DIV element with 75px padding. Try the above code. The padding width of the BODY element is 100px; that for the DIV is 75px.