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link rel css The Virginia planned to attack the USS Minnesota, which had run aground, next. The ironclad could not reach the Minnesota, however, because the water was too shallow. The Virginia retired, planning to return for the rest of the fleet the next day. As planned, the Virginia returned for the Minnesota the next day. When it did, however, it encountered the USS Monitor. The Monitor was a much smaller, more maneuverable ship than the CSS Virginia, but neither ship had much of an advantage in the fight. After hours of fighting, both ships were only slightly damaged. The Virginia had lost a smokestack, reducing its already limited mobility, and the Monitor experienced problems firing and arming is guns that already too weak to do much damage to thick hull of the Virginia. After hours a fighting, the Virginia managed to hit the Monitor's pilothouse, blinding its commander. The Monitor had to retire so he could be replaced and by that time the Virginia was gone. The battle ended in a stalemate.

After learning HTML (XHTML) and CSS the next thing you have to learn is a web page script language, such as JavaScript.

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This is the reason why custom web designing is increasing its influence at much faster rate.

How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Publish Changes If you are satisfied with the layout changes made to the myspace page, click on the publish tab in the customize control panel. Please note, the changes will not be saved until the publish tab is clicked. The publish tab is located on the far right side of the control panel and should appear orange. How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Exit Control Panel After clicking the publish tab, the new layout changes should be saved and you will be asked if you would like to return to the home page or view the new myspace page. If you do not like the changes or the CSS does not work properly, then simply exit the control panel by clicking on the exit tab. The exit tab is located on the far right side of the panel, directly to the left of the publish button. How to Make a Floating Box in CSS If you're new to cascading style sheets (CSS), one of the fundamental things you'll want to learn is how to make floating boxes. Just what are floating boxes? Well, they let an image, block of text or any other object move horizontally along your webpage. You see this in use anytime you look at a webpage that has text wrapped around an image.

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I am very impressed with the fact that they have a section on their website with information about web design, and how their process uses these techniques. Let me tell you straight up, they know what they're talking about. And, it's so refreshing to see a web design company focus on QUALITY design standards up to date with Web 2. 0. Their resources section can be found here at Website Design Information Here's a great quote from their website in the "Why Websitenabox" section "We have been witness to arrogant prices plus high monthly fees for websites we would not be comfortable selling, maintaining or promoting. Many web developers are living in the past creating low quality, poorly designed websites. This is a secret they keep closely pinned to their chest but we want the information superhighway robbery to stop and to enhance the experience for our clients. " This is absolutely great! Trust me, any one who's any designer knows this is SOOOO true!In addition to these great features and professional design abilities, I am very impressed with their built in content management system for every website they design. That means, you can update, edit, add on content and menu items to your website once it's up and running. Also, after viewing the user interface tour, it looks easier than a blog! Another interesting package I noticed within their website was their Industry Web Design restaurant packages. I always visit local restaurants and try finding their menu and website online, with no luck! They have an exclusive package for restaurants, cafes, delis, coffee shops, etc.

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css table generator In fact, it requires a lot of work, research, and careful attention to details. Sometimes, for beginning writers, writing articles online does not pay well, and they often think to themselves is the time invested worth the profit gained? The purpose of this article is to not criticize those who write articles online-they serve a critical role in society by providing the perspective of the public, a voice within the past few decades now readily accessible. The purpose is to offer an alternative to making money on the Internet-to encourage some to think that there are more routes than content creation. One alternative is website design. Website Design Website design, a branch of computer science, is an extremely powerful tool in generating what we see and how we interact with websites on the Internet. If you're tired of writing articles for websites, it may be time to learn a more profitable way to make money on the Internet web design. So Why Should I Learn How to Design Websites? First, this is specialized labor-no more working the night shift. This kind of skill is uncommon and employers pay big bucks (far more than writing articles) to find someone who can translate their raw, paper sketch into an attractive website layout. Second, there is a huge demand for websites. Nearly every company that wants to look professional requires a website-they need your skill. Third, we are entering a century which will soon be completely dominated by the Internet.