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sass css ' Keep it simple- while you may want to show off your fancy designing skills, this is the time to keep it simple and enjoyable to your visitors. Simplicity also makes it easier for the search engines to crawl and rank your site. Now that you have these tips to proper website design, you can begin using them today and get more from your website. There are so many websites out there today that if you want to stand out from the crowd, you will need a good design. These tips will help you to achieve that. Web design is the type of thing that gets better with time.


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Using CSS helps to eliminate the use of tables in an HTML document.

This makes use of a few css techniques - display none/display block, positioning, and the a hover element. It takes a bit to explain this, so users/carson9josephe/loadphilippines.html">you're better off reading the full tutorial on creating tooltips. With this technique in hand, you can easily create tooltips that you can style - without worrying about whether or not the user has client-side scripting turned on. Create Pseudo-3d Buttons Using Borders The last trick allows you to create a 3d effect for buttons that you create using only simple css and a gradient backgruond image. By giving your image specially colored borders - dark on one side and light on the other - you can create the illusion of depth. Put that color theory and art school to work in web design.

css border table

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They would refit her and continue her service to the Confederate cause as a blockade runner under the name of the SS Gibraltar. Under the command of Captain E. C. Reid, the scourge of the US Navy would continue as the CSS Sumter/ SS Gibraltar brought several loads of cannon and other war materials into the port of Wilmington, North Carolina, throughout 1863, and 1864. In her career as a commerce raider under the command of Commander Rafael Semmes, the CSS Sumter managed to capture a total of 18 enemy ships. Of these ships, 9 were released on bond and 8 were burned. Although Commander Semmes led the CSS Sumter for only a few months from June of 1861 to January of 1862, the command gave him invaluable experience that would come out in his later exploits. The CSS Sumter/ SS Gibraltar finally met her match and sank in a gale off of the coast of France in 1867. Sources "CSS Sumter", Civil War Wiki "CSS Sumter", Carlisle Cavern of Carnage "Ships of the Confederate States - CSS Sumter", Naval Historical Center How Google's Website Design is Effective Google's website design communicates the values and image of Google the company. The design is a function of who Google is (the best search engine) and what it stands for (simplicity, speed, fun, and not being evil. ) If you're not one of the many people who use Google, take a minute to go look at their home page design (www.

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custom css That is, contact me for the slightest problem you have about what you are reading. Width and Height of an Element I wrote an article titled CSS Box in this blog. That is part 4 of this series. In that part I explain how all CSS visible elements are formed. You should read that article before reading this one. To get at the article, just type "CSS Box" and my name "Chrys" in the Search Box of this page and click Search. If you have the Google Search box on this page, use it. The width of an element is the width of the content area of the CSS box. The height of an element is the height of the content area of the box. So any padding, and/or border and/or margin for an element increases the effective width and height which can only be determined if you know the padding and/or border and/or margin width. When we talk about the dimensions of an element, we are referring to the content width and content height, not the effective width and height.