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css magazine Tips for Proper Website Design If you want to design your own website, you are not alone. More and more people are trying to create their own websites these days to save money and to help market their business or a service which they provide. However, there are some common mistakes made in website design that you need to avoid. Here are some things to know about successful website design ' Take it easy on the banner ads- people are bombarded every day with advertisements and they certainly don't need them waving around in their face when they visit websites. Most Internet users just ignore these banner ads anyway so they are a waste of valuable space. ' Avoid splash pages- while they may look pretty when well designed, they serve no real purpose and they can be a deterrent to your visitors. A splash page can actually encourage visitors to click away. Instead, you want them to see all the value that your website has to offer from the start. ' Avoid audio on the website, particularly looping audio- when someone is engrossed in your site, continuous looping of music or audio can be annoying. For others, it's just aggravating from the start. Many people will instantly click off a page when it has audio in the background.

com calls their harmonies "captivating," and adds, " the voices are evocative (his reedy and a bit bluesy, hers bright with an appealing backwoods plaintiveness), the songs impressive and arresting, the playing impeccable. " The video of the duo's current single, "Coal Minin' Man," remains on GAC-TV's Top 20 Country Countdown ballot, and fans can vote for Lee and Elaine at http //bit. ly/VOTE4THEROYS. Read all the reviews, listen to select tracks from Lonesome Whistle and learn more about The Roys at theroysonline. com. The Story of the CSS Arkansas The Confederate States Navy faced a formidable challenge at the beginning of the American Civil War when it was tasked by the Confederate Government in Richmond to defend the shores and waterways of the new nation.

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. The first CSS rule property above separates the characters and the second one separates the words. Note that a space of 0. 1em for letter spacing is not the same as a space of 0.

This may come in forms of Geo-coding (personalizing a landing page to a viewers geographical area), or account log ins. Viewers tend to like the ability to customize and personalize their own space; offering a "member log in" or "members area" may increase viewer return. Website Design Summer Camp for Kids in San Diego The Website Design Summer Camp for Kids in San Diego is one of the top summer camps offered for summer 2008. This is the place for skilled techies and wannabes to come and learn and have fun among peers with common interests. Though there are many easy to use Website Design programs on the Internet, this unique class has a low camper to instructor ratio designed to provide one on one attention to campers who have a real interest in learning Website Design. The Website Design Summer Camp for Kids in San Diego is the perfect venue for kids to learn about the basics of Website design as well as custom website design.

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The ship was named after the sound on which it would operate. The ship was the CSS Albemarle. The CSS Albemarle had been designed by the Chief Constructor of the Confederate Navy, John L. Porter. The Confederate ironclad ship would carry two heavy Brooke pattern naval cannons mounted on swivel pivots in the fore and aft parts of the ship's casemate with the each having the ability to fire out of 3 cannon ports. This gave the ship the ability to have both cannons cover the port and starboard sides together and individually they could cover the fore and aft portions of the ship. In addition to this Chief Constructor Porter designed the ship to have a large iron ram mounted in a strong reinforced position on the ship's bow. The ship was also designed to have enough armor to withstand the toughest of combat actions with 4 inch thick iron plating armor placed over an 8 inch thick oak reinforcement. This behemoth of a ship was built under the guidance of naval architect, Gilbert Elliot, and the commander of the ship, Commander J. W. Cooke.

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html css link It is partitioned into 4 divisions, with DIV elements. One of the DIVs is the header. Another is the sidebar that can take hyperlinks. The other takes the main content of the web page. The last one is the footer. The success of this partitioning is thanks to the CSS Fixed Positioning feature. header position fixed; width 100%; height 15%; top 0; left 0; border solid 1px blue sidebar position fixed; width 20%; height 75%; top 15%; left 0; border solid 1px blue main position fixed; width 80%; height 75%; top 15%; left 20%; border solid 1px blue footer position fixed; width 100%; height 10%; top 90%; left 0; border solid 1px blue Hearder Sidebar for links Main Content goes here Footer Try the above code. If you add the percentage values for the different DIVs you will have 100% for the total width or height of the client area; this avoids overlapping of the DIVs. The above web page would have very little content. If you want a lot of content, then you would include scroll bars for one or more of the DIVs. The following code is a repetition of the above, but with scroll bars.