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button css Sources Michael Morgan, "CSS Albemarle Confederate Ironclad in the American Civil War", History Net Christina Gordon, "CSS Albemarle Ironclad Replica in Plymouth, NC", Visit NC NE "CSS Albemarle", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center History of the CSS Florida In late 1861, the keel of the SS Oreto was laid at the shipyards of William Miller and Sons in Liverpool, England. The ship was designed to be one of the fastest ships afloat in the 1860's. She was fitted with her engines by the preeminent firm of Faucett, Preston and Company, which was known for building some of the fastest maritime engines in the 19th century. On March 22, 1862, the SS Oreto was sent on her maiden voyage as a civilian ship. She was bound for the port of Nassau, Bahamas. The ship was possibly carrying war supplies for the Confederate States on this voyage. It would have a short career as a civilian merchant ship but would later make her place in history as a Confederate cruiser. Upon arrival in the Bahamas, the SS Oreto was quickly purchased by agents of the Confederate Navy and was outfitted with weapons and an able crew. The ship was renamed the CSS Florida. It would be the first of several Confederate commerce raiders that would come to wreak havoc on the merchant fleet of the United States over the next several years. Under the guidance of the Confederate Navy's agents in Nassau, the ship was armed with six 6-inch rifles on the port and starboard sides, two 7-inch rifles mounted on fore and aft swivel mounts, and a 12 pound cannon that could be used as a bow or stern chaser gun.

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For each tag that is in your HTML document you can add a rule in CSS for it. With over 100 different properties you can add style to your web page that could not be added before. You can change the background of your tag and it will go the entire length of the page. If you do not want the background color to span the entire page then you can add margins to it. The only down side to having external cascading style sheets is you have another file that must be uploaded to your web site. When you use embedded CSS you are creating rules in the tag of the HTML document after the tags. The advantage to using embedded CSS is that you do not need to keep another document with your web page documents. The disadvantage is that you can't attach these CSS styles to other HTML documents. This is good if you just want one page to have a different look. If you are creating a uniform look throughout your site embedded style sheets would be a waste of time. If you want to create an inline CSS you just have to add the rule in between the tag you want to change.

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