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border style css The same is true for web pages, and all you have to do to understand this is compare HTML sites to CSS sites. You can build a hundred web pages, but if you use HTML, you have to go through each one and modify it if you want to make a wholesale change. But with CSS, it's as simple as going to the one CSS page and changing the attribute (the background color, font size, or margins), and instantaneously having the rest of your pages change with it. By allowing this feature, CSS simplifies web pages as a whole, enabling a developer to build an HTML page with less coding. This makes it much easier to find the code that is in the page, and allows for smaller files for easier editing. The number of tags used for HTML is also reduced with CSS, meaning it's easier to remember all that goes into a webpage, and learning CSS isn't any more difficult than learning HTML, especially if you already know HTML basics.

This tutorial is also interactive, and so you will have the ability to practice whatever you feel is necessary at the bottom of the pages.

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n-resize This value indicates that the north edge of the rectangle is to be moved. ne-resize This value indicates that the north-east corner of the rectangle is to be moved. nw-resize This value indicates that the north-west corner of the rectangle is to be moved. se-resize This value indicates that the south-east corner of the rectangle is to be moved. sw-resize This value indicates that the south-west corner of the rectangle is to be moved. Try the following code.

5. Search engine optimization (SEO) You should make sure that your Meta tags are correctly put. Also make sure you put the relevant keywords in the description area. This helps some engines to index your websites. It also helps to give results based on your keywords on queries done on some search engines. 6. User friendly - Your website should provide easiness to users while they visit on the website. They should not get confused while browsing for particular information. And ultimately, it will help your business in increasing the sales volume. Above are some of the noteworthy tips for a small business website design. In order to design an outstanding website for small business, it is advised to take support from a custom web design company.

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For each company listed in the top ten check their portfolios. You can also send them emails saying that you are interested in their service and you'd like to see references. Check the company websites they have made and see if the are sites looking good or not to you and test their functionality too (is it easy to get around from one page to another)? If you like a site take note and when you have fully investigate all the web sites send an email to each of them and ask the following questions 1. How was their experience with the web design company? 2. How many referrals/clients/sales coming from their website? 3. Do they have problems maintaining the site? From the answers you received nail down the web design companies that provide the best service for their clients and ask them the followings 1. Can they build you a website that will receive a lot of visitors? 2. Can they design the site so those visitors convert into clients or customers? 3. Will they teach your staff to do the site maintenance so you won't have to ask them for every little thing? Those three are the important questions you must ask before deciding which companies to choose. Feel free to ask other questions that you have in mind. Good companies should be able to give you satisfying answers with logical reasoning behind their answers.

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css online This is a situation where everybody wins as the blog owner gets recognised for their fascinating writing, the reader also finds applicable products they are interested in and the advertiser gets pre qualified customers who are interested in their products. This is not a website design plan that most bloggers start out with and it is a personal choice that some of us do not actually want to adulterate our content with annoying advertising. Take the case of Tony and Kate who had a world trip and put up a web log of their travels and adventures that are really interesting yet they have no desire to place ads on their site. Then there is the case of the man who was getting married and put up a blog of the planning with all the trials and tribulations that evolved. He ended up with a huge following and had no idea that he could profit financially from the dialogue until after he was married. Luckily he kept posting with a small portion of advertising and ended up with enough money to pay for the wedding In part two, I will focus on ways to monetise your blog with a level of moderation that will not offend your readers yet be appealing to them to provide you with an income. It does pay to have a good website design plan if you wish to earn money online. Article source www. websitedesignhere. com Website Design Guide; The Seven C's Part 1 A simple online business model to follow for new online websites is the 7 C's model. Try to think of the 7 C's as a roadmap for designing your website user interface.