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css templates Its animations and user interactivity make it a popular addition to making webpages transition and function smoothly. Estimated time between thirty and forty hours. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) - Not as much a language as an extension in the use of JavaScript, this language can call to the server without reloading the page. Estimated time to learn AJAX fifteen hours. I Don't Think I Have That Much Time.

It's kind of like a sticky note you throw on top of the rest of the web page.

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It is also a great 'next step' tutorial for those who have relied on methods other than hand-coding your site from the blank HTML screen up.

As planned, the Virginia returned for the Minnesota the next day. When it did, however, it encountered the USS Monitor. The Monitor was a much smaller, more maneuverable ship than the CSS Virginia, but neither ship had much of an advantage in the fight. After hours of fighting, both ships were only slightly damaged. The Virginia had lost a smokestack, reducing its already limited mobility, and the Monitor experienced problems firing and arming is guns that already too weak to do much damage to thick hull of the Virginia. After hours a fighting, the Virginia managed to hit the Monitor's pilothouse, blinding its commander.

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Note some browsers may interpret the 10% wrongly, as 10% of the element (BODY) containing the paragraph, instead of 10% of the Paragraph element itself. Text Alignment The text-align property is used to Left Justify, Right Justify, Center Justify or Double Justify text in an HTML containing element. You should know what these terms mean from your word processor lessons. The alternative text-align values are as follows left For left Justification. Right For right Justification. center For center Justification.

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drupal css It looks like someone dropped the paint can and splashed the walls. My home page welcomes my readers and has a photo. Then I list in "buttoned" graphs what is behind the tabs in the Navigation Bar. Thumbnails of my two products bookend a list of stores where they are available. At the bottom of the page is a small animated mailbox next to my email address. Contrast Enhances Clarity Youthful eyes may be able to read fine fonts on low-contrast backgrounds, but I and my target readership are of the elder class. Even so, anyone who spends long hours reading websites will appreciate the lack of eye-strain if designers use high-contrast font and backgrounds. My website uses a light yellow background with black fonts in Times New Roman. The font is a consistent 12 point size so users don't have to Zoom In. Also, sans serif fonts often confuse readers because capital "i's" look like "l's" and capital "O's" look like zeroes. Use fancy fonts sparingly.