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css template free Users prefer this layout generator since they find it not only simple to use but also quick. It is a good tool to use in coding-up storms for new charity or church websites. It helps the user to easily come up with a layout. All the developer needs is to know what type of layout they want and how wide. Users who are new to CSS should go ahead and explore all the possibilities and try or experiment on new things. Joomla Tutorials How to Edit Your CSS and HTML Files on Your Joomla Web Site Your Joomla web site uses CSS to keep the text, background colors, module header colors, headings, etc the same throughout your site.

Then, using CSS (and the "BLOCK" property), he will style the "UL" block and add mouseover effects, and sometimes even text effects or indicators to note that the user is currently viewing that page.

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The CSS Florida, in spite of meeting such an ignominious end, did have a stellar career as a Confederate cruiser. She was directly credited with 37 US ships either sunk or captured. In addition to this her crew took two ships that were commissioned as Confederate cruisers, the CSS Tacony and CSS Clarence. These two ships were credited with another 23 US ships sunk or captured. Through these daring and bold actions, the officers and crew of the CSS Florida ensured a place for themselves and their ship in the annals of naval warfare history. Sources "CSS Florida", Civil War Wiki "USS Cumberland and CSS Florida", Naval Heritage and History Command - Underwater Archeology Branch "CSS Florida", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center History of the CSS H.

Premade CSS Menus I found a website called CSSplay that has premade CSS layouts and menus. The menus are very impressive, and there is quite a variety. If you want a side bar of links on your page, or a navigation bar on the top of your page, then you might want to check this site out. Everything is free to use. The menus are divided into categories, and you click on one you want for a preview. CSS Tutorials Okay, so you have downloaded a premade CSS website layout but do not know how to use it. I found a great tutorial online that shows you how to install your new premade CSS layout. Click http //inobscuro. com/tutorials/read/31/"> here to check it out. Want a little bit of everything? Check out the CSSVault. It has help resources, a gallery, blog, and more.

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Divisions vs. Spans You noticed that we used "div" and "span" tags on the previous examples, if your not familiar with these tags already you may take them as a way of formatting your HTML, these actually are not CSS related theses are normal (x)HTML tags. Divs are used to set up blocks within your HTML page, Divs can contains all type of tags within to declare sections of blocks on your code to apply style to. Whereas spans are inline elements that is mostly used to specify styles to small section of text or even links Ok now you learned all the very basics of CSS that can build your knowledge of getting deeper into the core and logic of CSS, by now you can actually use what you learn to apply basic styles to your webpage. The next step is advanced formatting and sectioning, to the magic of tags manipulation. Stay tuned for my next lesson of CSS Essentials series. CSS Surrounding Element Properties Introduction This is part 5 of my series, Basics of CSS2. In this part of the series I talk about the padding, border and margin of an element. In the previous part I talked about the CSS Box, where these surrounding features where introduced. You should read that part before reading this one. Look at the BODY element of a typical web page critically; you would realize that it has margin areas.

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submit button css What many designers do to solve this problem is that they use pixels and design their web page content to be centered on the screen width. In this way, when the resolution is small, the page content fills the width of the screen. When the resolution is large (high), the page content is at the center of the screen width. Advantage of using the Percentage If you give you dimensions (widths) of your elements in percentage, the elements will have the same widths in different resolutions. In containing elements, the inline elements and text will wrap into the lines below. In this way your web page will appear the same way in different resolutions. A problem, when you work with the percentage, occurs with image maps. If you do not know what "image map" is, read the article I wrote in this blog, titled, "HTML Image Map". In theory, an Area element of the image map can take the percentage unit for its position and size. In practice, browsers today do not accept the percentage for the Area elements. When working in percentage, you can solve this problem by keeping your image small and floating it to control its position.