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simple css Consider the following code text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text It is a paragraph element. It has a style attribute. The value of the style attribute is "background-color blue;color red". There are two parts to the value of the attribute. The first part is, background-color blue and the second part is, color red. In the attribute, these two parts are separated by a semi-colon. Each part of the value of the style attribute defines a presentational feature (characteristic) of the element concerned. In the above example the element concerned is the Paragraph element. Each part of the attribute is made up of two parts. So, in this example there are two main parts in the value of the attribute and two parts in each of the main parts. In a main part, the first part (half) is the name of the presentational feature, while the second part (half) is the actual presentational feature.

Once I think I have come a long way in my slowly expanding knowledge of web design, graphic design and programming, there is an entirely new set of languages I have to learn.

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Float None If you don't want an image to float left or right, but you'd rather it be permanently fixed wherever it occurs on the page, use the following code "img float none; " Float Inherit Lastly, if you want an image to take on the float value of a parent object, you can use the following code to do so "img float inherit; " As you can see, floating is pretty straight forward and simple. It is extremely easy to remember because whatever you want your - box to do is going to be the value you enter. To float to the left, just remember "float left;". To float to the right, just remember "float right;", and so on. It's important to note that the "float inherit;" will not work with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). It will not work with IE8 either unless you include a !DOCTYPE.

The element with the greatest z-index is the one the user is seeing foremost; the rest are covered. To do absolute positioning, you need at least the following four CSS properties position This property takes the value, "absolute" meaning you want absolute positioning. For normal flow placement or positioning, you do not need this property or any property at all. top The value here is a number in px or percentage. The element is placed within the area of some containing element. This is the vertical distance from the top edge of the containing element, to the top edge of the element being placed. left The value here is also a number in px or percentage. The element is placed within the area of some containing element. This is the horizontal distance from the left edge of the containing element, to the left edge of the element being placed. z-index This is the z-index position of the element (layer). The value is a whole number (integer).

css font type

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