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link color css For more info, read through this tutorial on how to style e-mail links using this css technique. Create Tooltips Using CSS and No Javascript Tooltips are a great way to tell your user more about something - like a link, an image, or a form element. HTML comes with some built in tooltips, but you can only use these for links. Javascript can also be used to create advanced tooltips, but this requires client-side scripting. Using some advanced CSS, you can create tooltips. This makes use of a few css techniques - display none/display block, positioning, and the a hover element.

After getting needed repairs in Melbourne, the ship set sail for the rich whaling grounds of the North Pacific.

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Coding by hand ensures better SEO, cleaner code, and quicker load times.

However, its engines continued to prove to be faulty and suffered minor damage due to the concussive force of the explosive shells used by the Union Navy in its attack. In spite of the ship's faulty engines, the C. S. S. Arkansas was ordered to assist in the Confederate Army's advance on Baton Rouge, Louisiana on August 6, 1862. This battle would prove to be the fatal death knell of the ship and her brave crew.

css form design

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I give you all that relationship in this article. So as you plan to design your web page for all computer screen resolutions, you just come here to know the meaning of the percentage value you have to give (if you do not already know). Note your browser may not implement all the relationships given below. Also, many CSS properties do not use measurements (do not use percentage, pixel, etc. ) The list is not as long as you might think. Note A containing block is a containing element. This reference is based on CSS2, which is the latest version of CSS, today. Note If you cannot see the code or if you think anything is missing (broken link, image absent), just contact me at forchatrans@yahoo. com. That is, contact me for the slightest problem you have about what you are reading. 100% The value (property) that the percentage value (property) in question refers to, is 100%.

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css cleaner Article source www. websitedesignhere. com Website Design Guide; The Seven C's Part 1 A simple online business model to follow for new online websites is the 7 C's model. Try to think of the 7 C's as a roadmap for designing your website user interface. The C's are Context, Content, Community, Customization, Communication, Connection, and Commerce. Each area must align with your original business strategy and website model. If each area connects with each other well enough, your website will fare much better than if each area was quite different from one another. The only real way to see if your website model is meeting the needs of your viewers is to offer a prototype model. Here we will cover the basics of the first four C's of the 7 C's model, and what each area should accomplish. Context Within context are two major factors which your viewers are going to look at; Website function, and Website Aesthetics. Your new website model should be able to load very quickly no matter how large the page files are.