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css w3 com/this-day-in-history/loss-of-css-arkansas Myron J. Smith Jr. , "The C. S. S. Arkansas A Ironclad on Western Waters," Civil War News http //www.

The value of the HTML style attribute is therefore made up of one or more property/value pairs. If there is more than one property/value pair then these pairs must be separated from one another, by a semi colon. After the last pair, you do not need a semicolon. If there is only one property/value pair as the style attribute, then you do not need a semicolon after the pair. The set of style/value pairs (including any semicolon) must be in quotes (double or single). Note you can have a space (typing spacebar key) before and/or after a colon.

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You must use the exact keywords that your target audiences are likely to type in your pages' header tags. This is also good for search engines. You have to make sure that the keywords are among the first words in the title. *It allows you to use natural language - It is very important for you to understand the concept of keyword density and keyword stuffing. The search engine crawlers have mastered a way of identifying keyword overuse throughout your web pages. To solve the problem, just avoid repeating a keyword more than it is necessary.

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css form style

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Morris. Under the command of Lieutenant Morris, the ship would sail back across the Atlantic to the shores of Brazil. The CSS Florida continued to wreak havoc on the US merchant fleet for the next 6 months. The ship would meet its final end as a Confederate cruiser through an intelligence move and violation of international law by the US Government. In the October of 1864, the CSS Florida found itself docked in the port of Bahia, Brazil refitting and allowing the crew to relax. The US Consulate in Bahia began operations spying upon the activities of the ship and then communicated with the US Navy ships operating in the area. In violation of international laws respecting the rights of neutral powers in a conflict, Commander Napoleon Collins of the USS Wachusett attacked the CSS Florida while it was at anchor in Bahia. Catching the CSS Florida unprepared for combat, the USS Wachusett rammed the ship and forced it to surrender. The USS Wachussett then towed the CSS Florida to the US Navy's base at Hampton Roads, VA. While the CSS Florida was at anchor in Hampton Roads, diplomats of Brazil and several other countries filed legal protests against the US and the actions of Commander Collins. The US courts held that Commander Collins had indeed violated the international laws and treaties of the US and ordered the ship to be returned to Brazil.

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css syntax height Consider an element inside a containing block. The height of the element is given with respect to the height of the content area of the containing block. Positioning top This offset is a percentage (fraction) of the containing block's content width. right This offset is a percentage (fraction) of the containing block's content width. bottom This offset is a percentage (fraction) of the containing block's content width. left This offset is a percentage (fraction) of the containing block's content width. The background-position Property This property is used for background image. It is not supported by many browsers. So I will just quote what is in the specification With a value pair of '0% 0%', the upper left corner of the image is aligned with the upper left corner of the box's padding edge. A value pair of '100% 100%' places the lower right corner of the image in the lower right corner of padding area. With a value pair of '14% 84%', the point 14% across and 84% down the image is to be placed at the point 14% across and 84% down the padding area.