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dynamic css p width 30%; cursor help This is a paragraph. This is a paragraph. This is a paragraph. url If you do not like any of the above cursors (shapes) you can design your own; and save your cursor in the server. Then use the following cursor/value pair cursor url("myImage. csr") where the text in quotes is the URL of the cursor at the server. Moving Edge and Corner Indicators The following values indicate that some edge is to be moved. An HTML element is effectively a rectangle. e-resize This value indicates that the east edge of the rectangle is to be moved. s-resize This value indicates that the south edge of the rectangle is to be moved. w-resize This value indicates that the west edge of the rectangle is to be moved.

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w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict. dtd"> h4 text-transform capitalize span text-transform uppercase a summary of john smith biography John Smith was born in 1930. His parents .

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In this part, you will have an overall understanding of CSS. As such, the rest of the chapter will be easy to understand. You need basic knowledge in XHTML or HTML in order to understand this series. I have just finished publishing a course on XHTML Basics. If your knowledge of HTML or XHTML is low, then do that course first before you do this one. To arrive at the course, just type, "XHTML Basics by Chrys" in the search box of this page and click Search; you can use the Google Search Box of this page if there is one.

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css select box Although the shipyard had been ordered to destroy all of the ships to prevent them from falling into Confederate hands, a steam frigate called the USS Merrimack had been sunk before being allowed to fully burn. This meant that the Confederates were able to raise it and use the engine and hull to make an ironclad steamer. They renamed this new ship the CSS Virginia. Ironclads were a very new invention and their successful use in the Civil War could have disrupted the Union blockade of Southern ports. Because the ship was covered in four inches of iron on all sides, it was virtually impervious to the cannon balls fired by the Union ships. On the other hand, the Virginia posed a serious threat to wooden Union ships and could either ram them or shoot them with its deck mounted guns. Fearing that the Confederates would break the blockade with this ironclad, Congress authorized the construction of three of their own ironclads. One of the ships produced in this effort was the USS Monitor. On March 8th, 1862, the Virginia sailed out of the mouth of the James River and directly attacked five union warships. It sunk the USS Congress and the USS Cumberland and killed over 240 of their crew. The Virginia planned to attack the USS Minnesota, which had run aground, next.