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premium css templates Though the meeting of the two ironclads ended in a stalemate, it was actually a victory for the Union army. It meant that the Confederacy would be unable to break the Union blockade, which it desperately needed to do to be able to export cotton to raise revenue. Thus, the Monitor's success at keeping the Virginia from being used effectively during the war probably shortened the course of the entire war. The CSS Cursor Introduction For the computer screen, the cursor is the mouse pointer. CSS allows you to give different shapes to this cursor. In this article, I give you the names of the different shapes, the descriptions of the shapes and code samples indicating how you can create them.

g. SPAN) all have padding, border and margin areas. With many of the elements, in the default situation, the padding and/or border and/or margin may not be present. Note If you cannot see the code or if you think anything is missing (broken link, image absent), just contact me at forchatrans@yahoo. com. That is, contact me for the slightest problem you have about what you are reading.

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" Bantam Dell, New York.

I'll tell you now that it's not easy and like anything else you have to be dedicated at it to be successful, but it's one of the jobs that is always needed. It's the whole entire Internet you are catering to now and you can find anyone and everyone who needs a website for just about anything. Website design can go a long way in helping you land any job and the fact that you know how to do the different types of coding will make you valuable to any company. The best part about all this is that you can make your own websites without a web hosting company and save them on your computer and show them to others as if they were the real thing, even if your client does not have an Internet connection present. You also don't have to worry about advertising, because you are pitching yourself by showing others your websites that you have done and that will help to advertise you in itself and you can advertise yourself within your web design as well. Just know that doing all types of websites and expressing your creative side allows those looking into you to go away with the impression that you can do anything and everything they expect you to.

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. But, isn't it nice to have the semantically correct CSS code automatically generated for you so you can begin to focus on the colors and graphical aspects? The second automatic CSS creator is Firdamatic This website offers a complete CSS layout generator, focused on blogs and weblogs. It will take your current site, and construct it, using sematically correct CSS code, into a 2 column CSS layout or a 3 column CSS layout. The options are minimal, but the feature itself is amazing. I highly recommend this option for those who own a simple blog or weblog, and aren't necessarily starting a highly unique and intricate website. For you, there's the Layout-o-matic This option leaves the CSS layout privy the availability to use the application to create small box models within box models, so that your site is constructed within your vision. It also offers CSS 2 column layouts, CSS 3 column layouts, CSS simple 3 columns, full page layouts, and the option to align the CSS layouts to the left or right. Check out all three of these resources.

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jquery set css In parentheses I will put what I chose in my example. Category - Type Font - Choose the font for your button. (Verdana) Size - Choose the size of your font. (14) Weight - Choose if you want the font bold, normal, etc. (normal) Style - Choose if you want the font italic, normal, etc. (normal) Decoration - Choose if you want underline, overline, etc. (none) Color - Choose the color of your font. (Black) (See Image 2) Category - Background Background Image - Click Browse to locate the button on your hard drive that you want to use. This will be the button that is displayed on your page, not the rollover button. Repeat - Choose No Repeat (See Image 3) Category - Block Display - Select "Block" (See Image 4) Category - Box Width - In the width field you need to type in how long your button is. (152) Height - In the height field you need to type in how tall your button is.