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blog css The first property/pair has to be there, to download the image. no-repeat If you have a small image and you do not want it to repeat at all, then you have to do this body background-image url("myImage. gif"); background-repeat no-repeat With this, there will be no repetition horizontally, no repetition vertically and no repetition to fill the background. Note the HTML BODY and DIV elements have been used above; you can use other elements. Note with some browsers if the image is small and you do not use "no-repeat", the browser would still repeat the image. If you do not want any repeat, use, no-repeat and the corresponding property, background-repeat. Note If the image is large and you do not want any repeat, you do not need "no-repeat" and the corresponding property. Note the image takes long to download. The larger the image, the longer the time it takes to download. That is it for background-repeat. The background Property You might want a background image, and/or a repeat style and/or a background color.

But you need to understand your needs and what exactly you want to offer to your customers.

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Estimated time ten hours.

2) Software - This is an automated option to convert PSD file to CSS. It takes very less time in the entire conversion process. Moreover, as a non-technical you do not need to waste your time in grasping HTML knowledge. But the major con associated with this method is that, you cannot be so sure for the error free coding. In addition, software is comparatively expensive. 3) Hire web designer - This is one of the best option, especially for those who want quality service in less time duration and at affordable prices.

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Then, select your header block layer. Click Layer - Layer Style - Gradient Overlay. Apply the white-to-gray gradient. Within the layer styles dialogue, click "Stroke" and apply a 1-pixel stroke in a2abb2. Click OK. 2 Right-click your header block layer and choose "Copy Layer Style". We can now paste that layer style to other shapes - right-click both your middle and bottom layers and choose "Paste Layer Style". This will put the gradient and stroke on each of your blocks. (See Illustration 03). And yes, I realize this has little to do with the header - but it will save you time later. 3 Now, we're going to create two metal rivets at each top corner of the header.

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css wiki Usually when the Theme Editor page loads it is already on the CSS Styles page. When the CSS style page loads scroll down to the end of the page. This is where you will add your new CSS Style. I will give you an example of a style but of course, you can change it to what ever you wish. You will need to type or copy and paste the following code in to your CSS Style Sheet. That is your basic CSS. You can add a border to place a line under your title or choose a color for the background instead of it being transparent. The possibilities are endless with CSS. Also you can name it what you like but name it something easy to remember. Once you have created the style the way you want it, go to the bottom of your WordPress page and click Update File. That saves your new CSS Style you just created.