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In a hail of shells, shot, and rockets, the CSS Florida ran full steam into the harbor of Mobile in the fall of 1862. The move was especially daring considering that most of the crew was barely recovering from the yellow fever disease. When the men and officers arrived in Mobile, after braving the blockade, they were received as heroes. While in Mobile, the ship was fully equipped and received her full crew. On January 16, 1863 with the ship fully prepared, the CSS Florida ran the gauntlet of the United States Navy's blockade and exited the harbor of Mobile. Now would begin an extraordinary career over about the next year and a half that would see the cruiser cross the Atlantic twice while destroying ships of the US merchant fleet.

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Sources "CSS Shenandoah", Civil War Wiki "When Liverpool was Dixie", CSA Dixie "CSS Shenandoah (1864-1865)", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center History of the CSS Sumter In the spring of 1861, as the battles began raging in the American Civil War, a dashing naval officer took command of a swift cruiser that would give him the necessary training for later exploits that would carve forever his and his country's name in the annals of naval warfare. The dashing naval officer was Commander Rafael Semmes. The ship that he trained on was the CSS Sumter. The CSS Sumter would be the first warship the world would see carrying the flag of the new Confederate States of America. Originally built in Philadelphia as the merchant ship Habana, the CSS Sumter was purchased by the Confederate Government in April of 1861, and outfitted as a warship. She was purchased in New Orleans and was fitted there by the Confederate Arsenal of New Orleans with one 8 inch 68 pound gun mounted on a swivel mount and with four 32 pound naval guns mounted two to either side.

The total number of pixels that a screen can display is called the Resolution of the screen. Different screens have different resolutions. Common resolutions (in pixels) are, 800 X 600, 1024 X 768, 1152 X 864, 1280 X 960 and 1280 X 1024. The first number for each resolution is for the width of the displayable screen and the second number is for the height. If you multiply the width by the height, you would have the total number of dots the screen can display. Now, the higher the resolution the bigger the computer screen. So, if you give the dimensions (widths) of your elements in pixels, the elements will appear relatively smaller in higher resolutions than in smaller resolutions. This is a disadvantage of using the pixel. What many designers do to solve this problem is that they use pixels and design their web page content to be centered on the screen width. In this way, when the resolution is small, the page content fills the width of the screen. When the resolution is large (high), the page content is at the center of the screen width.

css gradient generator

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css tooltip Readying the ship for combat, the officers and men of the CSS Alabama left Cherbourg harbor on the morning of June 19, 1864, to meet the USS Kearsarge in battle. The decision to battle the USS Kearsarge would prove to be fatal for the CSS Alabama . One hour after the battle began, the Confederate ship was reduced to a sinking hulk. In spite of ultimately being sunk, the CSS Alabama in her almost 2 year career had cut a swath of astonishing accomplishments across the pages of seafaring history and ensured that her own name and the names of her crew and commander would be forever etched in history. Even to the present day, navies around the world study and examine the strategies and operations that involved the CSS Alabama . In her entire career the Confederate cruiser accounted for over sixty US ships sunk or captured and a total of about $6 million dollars of damages, which in the money of today equals in excess of $81 million dollars. An additional astonishing legacy, is that prior to the engagement with the USS Kearsarge , not one life was lost aboard the CSS Alabama was lost to battle or disease. The crew and officers of the CSS Alabama not only caused serious economic damage to the US, but also they provided the Confederate States hope during some of its darkest days. Sources "Inflation Calculator", West Egg "Alabama", Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships "C. S. S.