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css sprite Use fancy fonts sparingly. More is NOT better. A conventional font with serifs, like Times, New Roman, is easy to read in blocks of text, while fancy fonts are fun to use for headlines. Another thing about text and graphics break up blocks of text in short paragraphs and place graphics so they "face" or direct the eye to the text. Leave open spaces to give the eye a rest. Blank space is as useful as filled space. This helps guide the reader to to product information. Those Cute Little Animations The focal point of any page should be the product. If there's special information that users ought to see, animations can pull the eye toward it. These need to be used judiciously, however, because they can distract the user from another portion of the page. Blinking images can be downright annoying.

In this case you likely have little funds that you wish to allocate towards a project and all you need is a cheap website design that will provide you with the necessary parameters.

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solid The border is a single line segment.

Again, if it has been selected, the area should be highlighted in blue. How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Select CSS Once the appearance tab has been selected, take a look at the second section of the control panel. The first option, select theme, should be the default selection and highlighted blue. Now, notice the fourth option listed down reads CSS. Click where it reads CSS.

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Although the active fighting career of the C. S. S. Arkansas only lasted 23 days, it effectively completed its mission of defending the Mississippi River until Vicksburg fell in July of 1863. After seeing the actions of the Arkansas and not knowing that the Tennessee had not been finished, the Union Navy operated in fear for the next year and limited its scope of operations until the summer of 1863 when it assisted the Union Army in the siege of Vicksburg. All in all, the career of the C. S. S. Arkansas and her crew is one of the many examples of brave actions undertaken by the determined men of the Confederate States Navy. Sources "CSS Arkansas," Naval Historical Center http //www. history.

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css designer software The web is full of premade CSS resources. If you didn't see what you were looking for here, just try a simple Google search and you are bound to find hundreds of pages on your topic. Why You Need to Know CSS For years HTML was the bread and butter of web developers. But that changed when CSS became the tool of choice. Though CSS and HTML is used together, HTML can stand on its own, and CSS cannot, which means even though CSS has overtaken and passed HTML as the favorite device of professional tools, HTML is not going anywhere. So what is CSS, and if it's so good, why does it need HTML to exist? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and enables web developers to use a single page to control the font, color, shape and design of an infinite number of pages. CSS is not the HTML pages you are controlling, but the single page where the CSS data is stored. By linking each HTML page to the single CSS page, you can feed the CSS data through to the HTML pages-like a general giving orders to five, ten, or a hundred different units on a battlefield at once. Created in 1996, but not coming into common use until 2000, CSS has taken a while to catch on, and wasn't there when HTML had its glory days, but now CSS is usable in every web browser and can enable a web developer to do things with web pages he could never do with HTML. CSS is not a completely different web design, but simply something added to HTML to make it much better than just plain old HTML. The difference between the two may be the difference between a car with a big engine, a car with a small engine, and a car with no engine.