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css template free dtd"> img position fixed; top 75%; left 75%; z-index 2 text text text text text The element to be kept fixed can be typed any where in the code. It is the CSS rule that determines its exact fixed position at the browser. There is one CSS rule in the above code and it is for the image. In it, note the position property with the value, "fixed". There is the top and left properties. The value of the top property is 75%.

So, if the width of your element (content) is said to be 250px it means the top or bottom edge consists of 250 dots. The em This unit is related to what is called the Font (see later). The Percentage The Percentage is abbreviated, %. If they say the width of an element is 75%, it means that the width is 75% the width of its containing element. If a Paragraph element is in a DIV element and it is said that its width is 75%, it means that the width is 75% the width of the DIV element. The percentage unit is always relative to some CSS property as the above example illustrates; the CSS property may be that of a different element or the element itself.

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info hover position relative; a.

Hunley The American Civil War saw innovation in naval warfare like no other war before it. In the face of an ever tightening blockade and loss of ports due to advances by the Union Army, the Confederate States were forced to be innovative in their efforts to break the blockade. One of the most effective an innovative efforts that the Confederate Navy developed was that of submarines. The most famous of the Confederate submarines is the CSS H. L. Hunley.

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(27) (See Image 5) You don't need to mess with any of the other categories. Once you are finished with the steps above, click OK. Step 5 - Highlight over your text you typed on the document, type a link in the link field in your properties window. Step 6 - With the text still highlighted, click the drop down box beside Styles in your properties window and choose Rollover Button. Now you should see your button. Note If your text is not in the middle of the button, you will need to play around with the padding in the CSS panel. In my example I used Padding Left - 12 pixels and Padding Top - 4 pixels to get my text in the middle of the button. Now we need to do the rollover part of the button. Step 7 - Right click anywhere on your dreamweaver document and click CSS Styles > New. In the dialog box do the following Selector Type - Advance Selector - a. rolloverbutton hover Define in - This Document Only (See Image 6) Then Click OK.

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css layout templateS. Alabama", History of War "The C. S. S. Alabama", The CSS Alabama Association "CSS Alabama", Naval Heritage and History Command - Underwater Archeology Branch History of the CSS Albemarle In April 1864, the Confederate Navy unleashed one of its most powerful ironclad warships on the forces of the US Navy that were blockading Albemarle Sound, North Carolina. The ship was named after the sound on which it would operate. The ship was the CSS Albemarle. The CSS Albemarle had been designed by the Chief Constructor of the Confederate Navy, John L. Porter. The Confederate ironclad ship would carry two heavy Brooke pattern naval cannons mounted on swivel pivots in the fore and aft parts of the ship's casemate with the each having the ability to fire out of 3 cannon ports. This gave the ship the ability to have both cannons cover the port and starboard sides together and individually they could cover the fore and aft portions of the ship.