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css banner On March 22, 1862, the SS Oreto was sent on her maiden voyage as a civilian ship. She was bound for the port of Nassau, Bahamas. The ship was possibly carrying war supplies for the Confederate States on this voyage. It would have a short career as a civilian merchant ship but would later make her place in history as a Confederate cruiser. Upon arrival in the Bahamas, the SS Oreto was quickly purchased by agents of the Confederate Navy and was outfitted with weapons and an able crew. The ship was renamed the CSS Florida. It would be the first of several Confederate commerce raiders that would come to wreak havoc on the merchant fleet of the United States over the next several years. Under the guidance of the Confederate Navy's agents in Nassau, the ship was armed with six 6-inch rifles on the port and starboard sides, two 7-inch rifles mounted on fore and aft swivel mounts, and a 12 pound cannon that could be used as a bow or stern chaser gun. The crew was to be 146 officers and men. However, the CSS Florida didn't get its career off to a quick start. Yellow fever was raging in the Bahamas in the spring and summer of 1862, as the ship was being outfitted.

On the index page, or the page you want to add the borders, right click on a blank area. When the menu opens, place your mouse on CSS Styles and click New in the sub-menu. When the CSS box opens, give your style a name. You can use something like "Borders. " If you want this style to pertain to the whole site, drop the bottom box down and select "New Style Sheet. " If you want it to only pertain to the page you are on, you can leave it as it is.

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Its true that internet today has got a global approach and the users who will visit your site can be from different part of the world with different perceptions.

It's meant to convey your message to your website visitors succinctly and expeditiously. After all, if they're accessing your website via a mobile device then they are most likely away from their desks and on the go which means they are not looking to wade and scroll through hundreds of words to find what they're looking for. Give them what they need right away. Use your CSS handheld stylesheet to set up the mobile version of your website so that it will display the information that you want your visitors to see when they first open up your page. Leave out heavy graphics and pictures and extraneous navigation. Instead, use different font colors to add to the visual style of your mobile website and create smaller graphics and pictures that you can call with your handheld stylesheet.

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In the dialog box do the following Selector Type - Advance Selector - a. rolloverbutton hover Define in - This Document Only (See Image 6) Then Click OK. Step 8 - A new dialog box will appear with all the categories in the left panel. Change your background image by clicking Browse. Locate the button on your hard drive that you want to use for your rollover. Click OK once you have finished that.

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css ul lics depending on design of your site enter the following code in your page_load method. C protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) System. Web. HttpBrowserCapabilities browser = Request. Browser; if (browser. Browser. ToLower() == "ie") myLinkstyle. Href = "CSS/IEStyles. css"; else myLinkstyle. Href = "CSS/OtherBrowserStyle. css"; That is the simplest thing you can do.