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css garden Putting its best men on the job, the Confederate Navy managed for a short while to stop the Union dead in its tracks on the Mississippi River. On August 24, 1861, the Confederate Navy agents in Memphis, Tennessee approached the shipbuilding firm of Mr. John T. Shirley and tasked Mr. Shirley's company to deliver to it an ironclad ship that would effectively defend the Mississippi River against any Federal aggression that may arise. Mr. Shirley was beset by problems with the construction of the ship from the very beginning. One major problem he faced was that the Confederate States was having to deal with a major shortage of iron plating and reliable marine engines. This factor would make the job of building the ironclad the C. S. Navy desired an extremely difficult endeavor.

A splash page can actually encourage visitors to click away. Instead, you want them to see all the value that your website has to offer from the start. ' Avoid audio on the website, particularly looping audio- when someone is engrossed in your site, continuous looping of music or audio can be annoying. For others, it's just aggravating from the start. Many people will instantly click off a page when it has audio in the background. ' Have a user friendly navigation- it should not be difficult for visitors to find their way around your site.

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The menus are very impressive, and there is quite a variety. If you want a side bar of links on your page, or a navigation bar on the top of your page, then you might want to check this site out. Everything is free to use. The menus are divided into categories, and you click on one you want for a preview. CSS Tutorials Okay, so you have downloaded a premade CSS website layout but do not know how to use it. I found a great tutorial online that shows you how to install your new premade CSS layout.

Those Cute Little Animations The focal point of any page should be the product. If there's special information that users ought to see, animations can pull the eye toward it. These need to be used judiciously, however, because they can distract the user from another portion of the page. Blinking images can be downright annoying. I've placed a few of these blinkers on my pages, but have deleted some of them because they even drove me crazy. There are two on the Bookstore page of my website that attract attention to links to reviews of my books.

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S. S. Arkansas put up a brave and valiant fight in assisting the Confederate advance on Baton Rouge. The ship was winning the battle at first, but then it's engines were hit and steam entered all of the ship's compartments. This combined with a severe mechanical malfunction of the engines disabled its power and rendered the ship to being a sitting duck. As the ship was sustaining continued attacks by the two Union vessels, Lieutenant Stevens ordered her abandoned and had the crew scuttle the ship. In the end, it floated downriver and exploded and sank near Free Negro Point. Although the active fighting career of the C. S. S. Arkansas only lasted 23 days, it effectively completed its mission of defending the Mississippi River until Vicksburg fell in July of 1863.

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css variables Too many drop down menus or complicated Flash menus can confuse the visitor and cause them to click away. ' Keep it simple- while you may want to show off your fancy designing skills, this is the time to keep it simple and enjoyable to your visitors. Simplicity also makes it easier for the search engines to crawl and rank your site. Now that you have these tips to proper website design, you can begin using them today and get more from your website. There are so many websites out there today that if you want to stand out from the crowd, you will need a good design. These tips will help you to achieve that. Web design is the type of thing that gets better with time. While it is a type of art form and you may want to show off all of your favorite skills and abilities, this is not always the best choice with a website. The website design should be easy to navigate. Top 3 Automatic CSS Creators Using CSS to create your website is the standard and proper way of constructing a web page. When you start any website design using css, the first step is to create the structure of the layout and the basic lists that will make up your navigation.