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css online editor Arkansas entered the Mississippi River and caught the Union sailors sleeping at their posts. It connected in deadly action with the U. S. Navy ships Carandolet, Tyler, and Queen of the West and thoroughly decimated them in short order. The Carandolet and Tyler were severely damaged and determined to be unseaworthy and the Queen of the West was beaten up so bad that it could not pursue the Arkansas. In a matter of 30 minutes, the action was over and the C.

If implemented correctly, it stream lines your web design process and also has other benefits incuding (but not limited to) Less time making structural changes and edits Ensures proper XHTML standard compliant formatting Organizes styles Saves you time, Everytime! Allows other (employees, contract workers) to make changes and edit your project What do I mean by implementing each project in a similar fashion? Creating 1-2.

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Consider the following code text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text It is a paragraph element.

. what is lacking are really good tutorials that take you from Photoshop to Dreamweaver, or turning your PSD into HTML or CSS. Converting your PSD layout to HTML or CSS isn't a difficult process - it is, in fact, an easier process than the website design. It will take a little bit of time and some practice to get everything figured out (I highly recommend keeping a Design Diary where you can write down the answers to problems you have, tips you've uncovered, and code snippets you use a lot) but it's not difficult. Here, I have un-earthed (un-webbed?) 10 of the best tutorials currently available to lead you through everything from the design itself to making it ready for Internet display.

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A few things to note, as well. You can add other stuff in the < span > element. For example, you can add < br / > tags to add line breaks. You can add other < a > tags inside. However, the mouse needs to move directly from the hovered anchor into the span block, or else the user will never be able to click on the link - in other words, make sure the tooltip overlaps the link. Although the tooltip needs to be embedded in an anchor tag, that doesn't mean it needs to be inside a link.

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css website template Movies and Music If the client is a rock star, film producer, or instructor of hands-on activities, of course a designer can and should use movie clips, music feeds, and YouTube videos. These demonstrate the product. And remember, that's the reason why the website exists. Sometimes, music or flashy graphics can drive a user crazy. One website for an author included a continual feed of her son's rock band playing an excruciatingly repetitive piece of music. The obnoxious tune rattled through my brain for days. Unless the client wants to deliberately inflict psychic trauma, use such things with discretion. KISS - keep it subtle, Sweetie. Page Length Some products and businesses only need a short blurb and links to other pages on that website to expand product descriptions. In that case, the webpage, especially the Home page, shouldn't need a scroll function. It's all right there on the screen.