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text color css S. S. Arkansas in June of 1862 and rendered it seaworthy in spite of the vessel's faulty engines. Mounting 10 guns and having armor as thick as four inches in some places, the C. S. S.

Similarly 'green' can be seen as a sign of greed rather than 'environmental awareness'.

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I don't expect readers to suddenly ditch their work on the Internet, but simply to explore.

The submarine was steered by an officer who stood in a conning tower in the front of the ship. For armament, a 90 pound black powder spar torpedo was fitted to the front of the ship. The ship was tested in the waters of Mobile Bay in Alabama. In the process of the testing, the ship sank twice. The first was at her moorings when it was swamped by a rogue wave and sank killing 5 of the ship's crewmen. The second time was on October 15, 1863, during diving trials. In the second sinking the ship's chief designer, Horace L. Hunley died. In spite of sinking twice, the ship was raised and refitted. This was due to the dire need of the Confederate States to break the strangling blockade that the US Navy had off of its coast. The third set of tests for the ship proved to be successful.

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This makes it much easier to find the code that is in the page, and allows for smaller files for easier editing. The number of tags used for HTML is also reduced with CSS, meaning it's easier to remember all that goes into a webpage, and learning CSS isn't any more difficult than learning HTML, especially if you already know HTML basics. Another benefit of CSS is that it eliminates the need for tables. Within the CSS page, you can choose where each text will be located by choosing a simple number (the number determines the number of pixels spaced between, above, below, and to the sides of text). Where do you learn CSS at if you don't have the money or time for classes at a community college? There are several online sources, and several well written books on CSS design, but you're going to learn fastest and best through trial and error. Go to your bookstore and find a CSS book (a good one is CSS The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland) or surf the web and find the W3schools website for web design. Then go to http //www. oswd. org/ and download a free CSS web template. Together with the template and the information you learn from either the W3schools site or a web design book, begin practicing CSS. Take apart the web page you downloaded and put it back together.

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xhtml css templates You could even make it about conquering the world, which is at least a start. How to Use CSS Styles in Dreamweaver It seems CSS styles has recently became the thing with web designers. I prefer to use CSS on my web sites, it makes it easier to control the text through out the hole site. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet . A CSS Style sheet will allow the style information to be specified in many different ways. So let's get started. You will need to open your dreamweaver program and open a page with text or you can create a new page. Please look at the pictures to your top right to help you out if you get lost. Step 1 Right click your mouse. A drop down box will appear. Click Css Styles/New.