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css 3 If we had used the Percentage for the DIV, it would have been relative (measured with respect to) the width of the containing element, BODY. Note the BODY element does not really have a containing element, while the other elements (DIV, Paragraph, SPAN, etc. ) do. So to give padding to an element, use the property name "padding", followed by a colon, and then value and unit, in the CSS rule. If you do not give an element a padding value, the browser chooses one for you. What the browser chooses is usually OK.

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At a minimum, a website forum is always a good tool to allow customers access to detailed company information, or other viewers comments. Customization Website surfers are drawn to websites which have a personalized touch. This may come in forms of Geo-coding (personalizing a landing page to a viewers geographical area), or account log ins. Viewers tend to like the ability to customize and personalize their own space; offering a "member log in" or "members area" may increase viewer return. Website Design Summer Camp for Kids in San Diego The Website Design Summer Camp for Kids in San Diego is one of the top summer camps offered for summer 2008. This is the place for skilled techies and wannabes to come and learn and have fun among peers with common interests.

right This offset is a percentage (fraction) of the containing block's content width. bottom This offset is a percentage (fraction) of the containing block's content width. left This offset is a percentage (fraction) of the containing block's content width. The background-position Property This property is used for background image. It is not supported by many browsers. So I will just quote what is in the specification With a value pair of '0% 0%', the upper left corner of the image is aligned with the upper left corner of the box's padding edge. A value pair of '100% 100%' places the lower right corner of the image in the lower right corner of padding area. With a value pair of '14% 84%', the point 14% across and 84% down the image is to be placed at the point 14% across and 84% down the padding area. If only one percentage or length value is given, it sets the horizontal position only, the vertical position will be 50%. If two values are given, the horizontal position comes first. Example background-position 100% 100%; Font-size Property font-size A percentage value here specifies a font size with respect to the parent element's font size.

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7. Standard CSS, tags, and a clean code structure and a fiter search options are mandatory. 8. A secured check out process, with the option of multiple payment gateways, a dynamic product catalogue at the administrative end with no hidden charges are the important elements that top the list. An e-commerce shop with an effective SEO strategy so that it is ranked in the top list of the major search engines is the another important feature that cannot afford to be missed out. A search engine and user friendly site can bear you profits, and with the help of a good web design and web development company, you are ready with a professional, and sophisticated e-commerce store that would prove to be an asset in the long run. InkNoise - CSS Generator Overview InkNoise layout-o-matic is a tool that allows a web developer to choose layout (2 or 3 column, full page) sidebars size, spacing, etc to come up with a CSS file, which will produce the specified site design. It is a major saver and most users prefer to use it since its designers ensured it is compatible using various browsers. All the user needs to do is select a desired layout type and other options such as width before clicking view or download. Users can use the generated layouts for commercial or personal purposes. InkNoise layout-o-matic is used in publishing services, which include galleries, pages and weblogs.

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border style css This is usually the same as not having any cursor/value pair in the style sheet. When you do not have any cursor/value pair in the style sheet, the browser normally determines the shape of the cursor based on the current context. crosshair This shape is a simple crosshair, like short line segments resembling a "+" sign. Try the following code that illustrates this for the Paragraph element. When the browser is displaying the paragraph, move the mouse pointer over it and note the shape of the mouse pointer. "http //www.