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css border image The Padding Property You can determine the width of the padding area of an element. The following example illustrates this for the BODY and a DIV element "http //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict. dtd"> body padding 100px div padding 75px; width 50%; border solid 2px blue This is the Body element with 100px padding. This is the DIV element with 75px padding. Try the above code. The padding width of the BODY element is 100px; that for the DIV is 75px. I chose large numbers for emphasis. Right now, do not worry about the other things you see in the DIV's CSS rule. The unit of pixel has been used.

I'm writing this post to introduce my readers to a new series I am going to write that involves creating project folders, with template files and how to utilize this to BE A MORE EFFICIENT web designer. Why am I doing this exactly? Because I recently had to buckle down and do just this. Let me tell you, what a sweet sigh of relief to begin a web design project with a more clear idea of what I'm doing by using my predefined templates and simply adjusting them. The series will cover the following topics Components of web design project template folders Commenting and making the code easier to adjust Creating applications ready to go! Style sheets and the basics of creating a simple CSS file that can work with ALL your projects Folders and file systems within projects And more! Stay tuned for the series on efficient web design process and template creation for your web designs. Website Design - Where to Start Do you consider yourself to be internet savvy and yet have a hard time designing your own website? Just because you use the internet daily does not necessarily mean you have the insight to what makes a website particularly good. If you are trying to get a website started for a business, now is the time! It is said that companies that lack a presence on the internet could become obsolete in the very near future.

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The ship measured a total of 152 feet long with a draft of 9 feet.

4. DHTML -applies some CSS and HTML elements so that they achieve more dynamic functions. It is a creative way of looking at basic HTML & CSS, someone else has done the dirty work of figuring out how to utilize basic web page design and make it better, so learn this next. 5. Javascript -Program of choice for web designers who want to achieve interactivity (forms, feeds, etc. ) and also some dynamic aspects of web design. You don't necessarily need to learn javascript like the back of your hand, but you should understand it pretty well and be able to apply almost any function needed with a little research. 6. PHP/SQL - This is a HUGE jump from javascript, very difficult, very complicated and overall it is much different from you're used to learning if you haven't worked with C++ or any other advanced programming languages. Once you've learned this though, your stock goes up 10 fold. You can create forums, blogs, ecommerce sites-shopping carts, and a lot more.

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The blog then grows a group of followers or subscribers who help to build the blog by leaving comments and links to other applicable websites. Because of this growth into a large population there has become the possibility for advertisers to place their advertisements on the blog that are applicable to the subject matter and therefore the readers will look to the advertiser to provide a solution to the readers. The owner of the blog gets paid a small amount of money for each time a client clicks on the advertisement. This is a situation where everybody wins as the blog owner gets recognised for their fascinating writing, the reader also finds applicable products they are interested in and the advertiser gets pre qualified customers who are interested in their products. This is not a website design plan that most bloggers start out with and it is a personal choice that some of us do not actually want to adulterate our content with annoying advertising. Take the case of Tony and Kate who had a world trip and put up a web log of their travels and adventures that are really interesting yet they have no desire to place ads on their site. Then there is the case of the man who was getting married and put up a blog of the planning with all the trials and tribulations that evolved. He ended up with a huge following and had no idea that he could profit financially from the dialogue until after he was married. Luckily he kept posting with a small portion of advertising and ended up with enough money to pay for the wedding In part two, I will focus on ways to monetise your blog with a level of moderation that will not offend your readers yet be appealing to them to provide you with an income. It does pay to have a good website design plan if you wish to earn money online. Article source www.

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css template website In a successful effort to throw confusion among the ranks of the ship's pursuers, the CSS Alabama changed her area of operations and left the Newfoundland Banks around October of 1862 and headed for the sea lanes of the West Indies. Arriving in the West Indies in late 1862, Captain Semmes selected the port of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, as his base of operations. Operating from this base for the rest of 1862 and into 1863, the CSS Alabama wreaked havoc among the US merchant fleet operating in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. While operating from Brazil, intelligence came to the CSS Alabama that prompted her next move. Hearing of a possible US invasion of Texas, the officers and men of the CSS Alabama headed for operations off of the coast of Galveston, Texas. In this move, the ship met one of only two warships she would do battle with. The USS Hatteras broke free from the blockading squadron off the coast of Galveston upon receiving reports that the CSS Alabama was in the area. In a move of sheer audacity, the CSS Alabama engaged in combat with the USS Hatteras in spite of being outnumbered in the area off of the Galveston coast by the US Navy in a ratio of more than 6 to 1. Through skill, daring, and sheer luck, the CSS Alabama engaged and defeated the USS Hatteras. Upon hearing from prisoners, taken as a result of the US ship's sinking, that the US invasion fleet was not going to be attacking Galveston, the decision was made to return to Brazil. In late January and early February of 1863, deciding that the US Navy would begin major efforts to stop the Confederate raider's operations, Captain Semmes decided to take the ship to another area of operations.