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css id " 2. Your website's design should reflect the personality of your company. Google's image includes having fun and keeping things simple. It's the opposite of many large companies' corporate and bureaucratic way of doing business and presenting themselves. Their company motto is "Don't be evil. " Their website's simple design, bright colors, and surplus of white space communicate simplicity, fun, and purity or goodness.

underline Each line of text in the element (containing element) is underlined overline Each line of text in the element (containing element) has a line above it.

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Although it is a time taking process but if done by professional web designer, you can get quality services within the stipulated period of time. 2) Software - This is an automated option to convert PSD file to CSS. It takes very less time in the entire conversion process. Moreover, as a non-technical you do not need to waste your time in grasping HTML knowledge. But the major con associated with this method is that, you cannot be so sure for the error free coding. In addition, software is comparatively expensive.

That is your basic CSS. You can add a border to place a line under your title or choose a color for the background instead of it being transparent. The possibilities are endless with CSS. Also you can name it what you like but name it something easy to remember. Once you have created the style the way you want it, go to the bottom of your WordPress page and click Update File. That saves your new CSS Style you just created. Using Your New CSS Style As I said before, new CSS Styles in WordPress are often used in Static Pages. For those who don't know what a Static Page is, let me explain. A Static Page is used in WordPress to give you individual . htm or . html pages.

css in php

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I don't expect readers to suddenly ditch their work on the Internet, but simply to explore. Consult other articles and writings about what practices are effective, what to learn, and how to use your time efficiently. The Internet is your tool for knowledge use it. Sources Personal Experience www. lynda. com http //www. sitepoint. com/forums/forumindex. php? Attractive Website Design with Quick Download Everyone wants an attractive website that leaves a good impression on the visitor. An extremely attractive website design involves lots of graphics and a perfect page size to download it quickly to the browser. Attractive and light websites which download quickly also increase traffic and decrease the bounce rate.

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css in html Admiral David Farragut ordered the ships of his Mississippi River Squadron to brave the guns of Vicksburg on the night of July 22 and to bombard the Arkansas in its berth at Vicksburg. Fortunately, the Arkansas was not damaged by much of the attack. However, its engines continued to prove to be faulty and suffered minor damage due to the concussive force of the explosive shells used by the Union Navy in its attack. In spite of the ship's faulty engines, the C. S. S. Tennessee. Unfortunately, spring arrived and a new campaigning season for the Union Army saw the fall of Memphis and Mr. Shirley's shipyard in May of 1862. Again the ingenuity and dogged determination of John Shirley and the Confederate Navy would be put to the test. Because the C.