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css line Right now, do not worry about the other things you see in the DIV's CSS rule. The unit of pixel has been used. If we had used the Percentage for the DIV, it would have been relative (measured with respect to) the width of the containing element, BODY. Note the BODY element does not really have a containing element, while the other elements (DIV, Paragraph, SPAN, etc. ) do. So to give padding to an element, use the property name "padding", followed by a colon, and then value and unit, in the CSS rule. If you do not give an element a padding value, the browser chooses one for you. What the browser chooses is usually OK. The problem is that different browsers may choose different values, for the same property and for the same element. The Border Property To give the border property, you need the property name, border, followed by a colon and then a three-in-one value. The three-in-one value consists of the border-style, the width of the border and the color of the border.

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- You can use Absolute Positioning with Script to produce animation.

Browser object has crapload of different properties with which you can make dynamic loading of javascript, css and other external documents as customized as you want to. For instance you could get the type of the browser or its version by saying browser. GetType() or browser. Version. Ok, Hope this short how to Tutorial helps someone. If you find any mistakes I made, please comment.

css input file

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html extension). Open (double click) the file in your browser. The explanation of the code is given below. The Heading of Page text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text There is a BODY element with a background color, black. Inside the BODY element, you have the H1 element and a P (paragraph) element. The BODY element has a style attribute with background color, black. So the whole web page is black. Now, the property name for background color is background-color. The property name for foreground color is simply, color. The H1 element has no background color. It has only the foreground color, which is yellow.

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font bold css What happened in the Past In the past without the Fixed Positioning feature, to keep an element fixed, you have to write a script code, based on proprietary browser features. What was achieved as fixed element was not stable. As you scroll the web page, the supposed fixed element vibrates about its position. You might have seen this on some web sites. Today the element meant to be fixed is stable with the CSS Fixed Positioning declaration block and does not vibrate as you scroll. Conclusion Fixed Positioning keeps an element fixed within the client area of the web page. You need the position property with the "fixed" value for this. You also need the left, top, right, bottom and z-index properties. In many situations, you would not need all these properties together, but you will always need the position property with the "fixed" value. This technology works with new browsers and not old browsers. Chrys Using CSS in Your PSD File Cascading Style sheets or commonly known as CSS help to define the appearance of a document that is written in web languages like HTML or XHTML (higher version of HTML).