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css drop shadow Using some advanced CSS, you can create tooltips. This makes use of a few css techniques - display none/display block, positioning, and the a hover element. It takes a bit to explain this, so you're better off reading the full tutorial on creating tooltips. With this technique in hand, you can easily create tooltips that you can style - without worrying about whether or not the user has client-side scripting turned on. Create Pseudo-3d Buttons Using Borders The last trick allows you to create a 3d effect for buttons that you create using only simple css and a gradient backgruond image. By giving your image specially colored borders - dark on one side and light on the other - you can create the illusion of depth.

The blinking value does not work with all browsers. "http //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict. dtd"> h4 text-decoration blink span text-decoration underline Act Now! In Europe, Football is a very important sport. Good players are extremely rich.

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Hunley was readied for its mission that would forever place its name in the history books.

How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Select CSS Once the appearance tab has been selected, take a look at the second section of the control panel. The first option, select theme, should be the default selection and highlighted blue. Now, notice the fourth option listed down reads CSS. Click where it reads CSS. When the CSS option has been selected, the area around it should now be highlighted blue and the third section should have changed to reveal the CSS window box. How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Paste CSS in Box When editing in myspace 1. 0, most likely users would have copied and pasted their layout code in their about me section. But in 2. 0, users need to copy and paste their layout code in the CSS window box.

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As the ship was sustaining continued attacks by the two Union vessels, Lieutenant Stevens ordered her abandoned and had the crew scuttle the ship. In the end, it floated downriver and exploded and sank near Free Negro Point. Although the active fighting career of the C. S. S. Arkansas only lasted 23 days, it effectively completed its mission of defending the Mississippi River until Vicksburg fell in July of 1863. After seeing the actions of the Arkansas and not knowing that the Tennessee had not been finished, the Union Navy operated in fear for the next year and limited its scope of operations until the summer of 1863 when it assisted the Union Army in the siege of Vicksburg. All in all, the career of the C. S. S. Arkansas and her crew is one of the many examples of brave actions undertaken by the determined men of the Confederate States Navy.

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css input I hope you appreciated it. Chrys The Roys launch new website design with fan contest The Roys are celebrating the unveiling of their new website design by giving fans a chance to win an iPod Nano loaded with songs from their debut Rural Rhythm Records' CD, Lonesome Whistle. Fans can enter the contest at www. theroysonline. com/ipod. "We're thrilled with the new site, and our fans seem to love the fact that we're constantly updating videos, photos and stories," says Elaine Roy, the sister side of this musical brother/sister team. "And we each have Nanos," she adds. "Couldn't live without them, you know it's all part of that techno thing," adds Lee. "I carry my FlipCam everywhere and Tweet all day long .