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online css course This is a paragraph. This is a paragraph. url If you do not like any of the above cursors (shapes) you can design your own; and save your cursor in the server. Then use the following cursor/value pair cursor url("myImage. csr") where the text in quotes is the URL of the cursor at the server. Moving Edge and Corner Indicators The following values indicate that some edge is to be moved.

w-resize This value indicates that the west edge of the rectangle is to be moved. n-resize This value indicates that the north edge of the rectangle is to be moved. ne-resize This value indicates that the north-east corner of the rectangle is to be moved. nw-resize This value indicates that the north-west corner of the rectangle is to be moved. se-resize This value indicates that the south-east corner of the rectangle is to be moved. sw-resize This value indicates that the south-west corner of the rectangle is to be moved.

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The font size should be 11 or 12 pixels, so that the text is easily readable. Prefer to select a professional font face rather than fancy fonts. ' Loads Quickly Website should have graphics to make it appealing, but avoid having loads of graphics or scripting as it will increase the website load time. If websites takes more than few second to load, people tend to get annoyed and browse through another website. Overall the website should have a user-friendly and well-organized professional look to attract millions of visitors. WebSmartz Website Building Software Website building software is one that allows you to build a website in just a few simple steps even if you don't know any graphic designing tools.

Today there has been built a replica of the CSS Albemarle. The replica is manned by Civil War naval reenactors. The replica CSS Albemarle is housed in Plymouth, North Carolina. From time to time it participates in various reenactment events in the area around Plymouth. Sources Michael Morgan, "CSS Albemarle Confederate Ironclad in the American Civil War", History Net Christina Gordon, "CSS Albemarle Ironclad Replica in Plymouth, NC", Visit NC NE "CSS Albemarle", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center History of the CSS Florida In late 1861, the keel of the SS Oreto was laid at the shipyards of William Miller and Sons in Liverpool, England. The ship was designed to be one of the fastest ships afloat in the 1860's.

css language

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visual css editor Navy before the war, Lieutenant Brown was certainly not going to let these challenges keep him from completing his mission and taking command of his ship. He immediately set to work with John Shirley to finish the work on the massive ironclad and make her ship-shape and in Bristol form. Together, they finished the C. S. S. Arkansas in June of 1862 and rendered it seaworthy in spite of the vessel's faulty engines. Mounting 10 guns and having armor as thick as four inches in some places, the C. S. S. Arkansas was a monster that struck pure fear into the hearts of Union naval commanders as they received reports of its construction through their intelligence network. Just how powerful this valiant ship was would be seen very soon by the sailors of the Union Navy who were tasked with blockading the Mississippi River and assisting the Federal Army in its advance on Vicksburg, Mississippi.