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css lists A white background is your safest bet in terms of being easy on the eye and conveying a sense of trust and authority. When choosing colors to compliment the white background, make sure they match the image you are looking to portray. Red and yellow suggest excitement, but should be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming the eye. Dark colors can evoke a heavy and somber mood when used alone, but adding brighter colors to the mix will give your site a feeling of sophistication and authority. Green and blue convey peace and trust. While individual color preferences vary, the following is generally accepted as the emotions and reactions colors suggest Black - authority and power White - purity and innocence Green - health, freedom, tranquility; the easiest color on the eye Blue - security, authority, faithfulness and dignity Yellow - optimistic, cheerful and an attention-getter if used sparingly Brown - affluence, effectiveness Gray - authority, practicality and creativity Orange - pleasure, excitement and ambition Pink - femininity, well-being and innocence Purple - luxury, wealth, and sophistication Red - excitement, strength, aggressiveness; the most emotionally intense color Simply put, the influence of color is inescapable.

1em for letter spacing is not the same as a space of 0.

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Try the following code, which illustrates this in percentage "http //www.

mgarage WaterColored Portfolio So let's say you're more like me, and regardless of difficulty level just want something that looks stunning . this is the tutorial for you. Done in two parts, beginning with the PSD creation of a truly stunning watercolor portfolio layout in Photoshop to the turning of that PSD into HTML or CSS, this tutorial stands out both for beauty and for quality. I can't really rate the difficulty of this tutorial.

css layout template

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Use the correct file format as in some cases GIF format will be much smaller in size. Every 1KB that you reduce from the image file size will add up to a significant reduction in page size. 4. For solid color background use code to create the background. No Doubt, Everyone is using high bandwidth connections but web design optimization is necessary to produce optimized web pages. Publishing optimized web pages will enhance the browsing experience with visitors that have fast internet connections as well as those with slower connections. Basic and Effective Website Design for Beginners There are quite a few ways you can design a simple and basic website that can leave a positive impact on your visitors. These tips are meant to be for people who are new to web design and really haven't done much web page creation. Years ago, it was a lot more difficult to understand the simple workings and creations of web pages, but with a vast amount of unlimited resources, web design has become quite simple. There are just a few basic rules you should keep in mind when creating your site. It has never been proven that a graphic intense complex website provides better results than the average simple website.

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css override She was fitted with her engines by the preeminent firm of Faucett, Preston and Company, which was known for building some of the fastest maritime engines in the 19th century. On March 22, 1862, the SS Oreto was sent on her maiden voyage as a civilian ship. She was bound for the port of Nassau, Bahamas. The ship was possibly carrying war supplies for the Confederate States on this voyage. It would have a short career as a civilian merchant ship but would later make her place in history as a Confederate cruiser. Upon arrival in the Bahamas, the SS Oreto was quickly purchased by agents of the Confederate Navy and was outfitted with weapons and an able crew. The ship was renamed the CSS Florida. It would be the first of several Confederate commerce raiders that would come to wreak havoc on the merchant fleet of the United States over the next several years. Under the guidance of the Confederate Navy's agents in Nassau, the ship was armed with six 6-inch rifles on the port and starboard sides, two 7-inch rifles mounted on fore and aft swivel mounts, and a 12 pound cannon that could be used as a bow or stern chaser gun. The crew was to be 146 officers and men. However, the CSS Florida didn't get its career off to a quick start.