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blueprint css . Make a copy, a backup of your site and burn it to a disk so you will have an offline copy in case something happens to your computer or website host. Website design tips. Content An seo article is worth three times any normal article. Not sure what seo is? www. helium.

) If you're not one of the many people who use Google, take a minute to go look at their home page design (www. google. com). You'll notice that is has a very simple design--there is the logo, search box, about 14 important/popular links scattered around the page, and a link to "more. " You'll notice a lot of white space, and that the only graphic is the logo (and a simple one at that. ) This design of this page hasn't changed much since Google's creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were grad students at Stanford in 1998.

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In this part of the series, I talk about background and colors in more detail.

but we haven't really styled it yet! Once you've built the tooltip, you can style it however you wish. A couple things you might want to try out are setting the width of the tooltip (on the "span" declaration), changing the background color, and customizing the margins of the text in the tooltip. You can also change the position of the tooltip by adding "top ", "left ", "right ", "bottom ", or some combination thereof to the "a. info hover span" declaration. A few things to note, as well. You can add other stuff in the < span > element.

css layout templates

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L. Hunley The American Civil War saw innovation in naval warfare like no other war before it. In the face of an ever tightening blockade and loss of ports due to advances by the Union Army, the Confederate States were forced to be innovative in their efforts to break the blockade. One of the most effective an innovative efforts that the Confederate Navy developed was that of submarines. The most famous of the Confederate submarines is the CSS H. L. Hunley was readied for its mission that would forever place its name in the history books. The submarine moved up on the USS Housatonic and placed its spar torpedo into the side of the US Navy ship before the crew realized the submarine was attacking it. When the USS Housatonic's crew finally realized they were under attack they engaged the ship's engines to get away from the CSS H. L. Hunley but it was too late.

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three column css Arkansas was closer to completion than her sister ship, the decision was made to move the Arkansas and to burn her sister ship to prevent capture. The C. S. S. Arkansas was towed to a makeshift shipyard on the Yazoo River near Greenwood, Mississippi. At this site, the final touches would be placed on the ironclad to ensure that it was ready for service. In May of 1862 as the Arkansas was being moved to its new home, the Confederate Navy Department in Richmond ordered Lieutenant Issac Newton Brown to take command of the ship and make it ready for action. When Brown arrived in Greenwood, he found that the ship's engines and guns had not yet been installed and the iron armor was being hidden at the bottom of the Yazoo River. As a gallant and capable officer who had served 27 years in the U. S. Navy before the war, Lieutenant Brown was certainly not going to let these challenges keep him from completing his mission and taking command of his ship.