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css dreamweaver tutorial Put good quality images - Images of products tell almost everything about the product. So, always put best quality of product images on the business website. But remember not to insert too much pictures so that the website may not overloaded with images. 4. Essential attributes of web page - Each web page must have a page title, Meta description and meta tags because these are the essential attributes needed in creating a web page. 5.

3 Now, we're going to create two metal rivets at each top corner of the header. Use your elliptical (circle) shape tool to draw a small circle in each top corner. Right-click and rasterize the circles. Then, right-click and paste the layer style to each circle. (See Illustration 04). 4 One more metal-looking accent and we're ready to add our graphic.

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In this part of her career she showed her capabilities under the adept leadership of Commander Semmes by capturing several prizes.

There in the Azores, the Confederate Navy had arranged for the ship to receive her armaments. She was armed with one 110 pound cannon and one 68 pound cannon that were mounted in fore and aft swivel mounts on the deck. In addition to this the CSS Alabama mounted an armament of six 32 pound cannon along her port and starboard sides. Also while in the Azores, the crew of the ship that the Confederate Navy had recruited was stationed aboard the ship. In all the ship had a total of 145 officers and crewmen. Following the outfitting of the ship in the Azores, Captain Semmes, his officers, and crew steered the ship for the rich fishing grounds of the Newfoundland Banks. In this stretch of their career as a Confederate commerce raider, the officers and men of the CSS Alabama racked up the astonishing achievement of sinking or capturing 20 US ships that were involved in fishing and the European trade. In a successful effort to throw confusion among the ranks of the ship's pursuers, the CSS Alabama changed her area of operations and left the Newfoundland Banks around October of 1862 and headed for the sea lanes of the West Indies. Arriving in the West Indies in late 1862, Captain Semmes selected the port of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, as his base of operations. Operating from this base for the rest of 1862 and into 1863, the CSS Alabama wreaked havoc among the US merchant fleet operating in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. While operating from Brazil, intelligence came to the CSS Alabama that prompted her next move.

css mania

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Using your mouse highlight over the text that you want to change. Once you have it highlighted, right click your mouse. In the drop down box click "CSS Styles/myfirstcss(or whatever you named your style)" Now your text should be changed. This is just the basic stuff you can do with CSS. Play around with the other options under categories to change your text up a bit. You can add background, lines, and more to your text. How You Can Pick the Right Website Design Company? How long has it been since you last thought of redesigning your website? Or how old is your running website? These days consumers' preferences are changing more frequently than their mood swings. Everyday you will notice a new design and a new way of presentation, with much better usability, smooth navigation, color pattern and visitor's engagement factor in it. The website designs now, are far more advanced and logical than they were earlier. Initially, where it was exclusively about presentation style, comprising of designs and color patterns, have now become more 'call-to-action' oriented. Designing a website has become more of a science than what it used to be of an art.

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css navigation bar MySQL - MySQL, an online database application, is generally learned in conjunction with PHP. Most of the time, PHP is used to retrieve values from a website user and pass them into MySQL, which stores them into a MySQL database (which is, if you visualize it, just a table that can hold a lot of data). Estimated time ten hours. JavaScript - A language different from Java, JavaScript is used to animate your webpages without reloading them (at least, that is its primary use). It is a client-side language, which means instead of refreshing the page and making requests to the server all the time, your computer (the client) does the work instead. Its animations and user interactivity make it a popular addition to making webpages transition and function smoothly. Estimated time between thirty and forty hours. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) - Not as much a language as an extension in the use of JavaScript, this language can call to the server without reloading the page. Estimated time to learn AJAX fifteen hours. I Don't Think I Have That Much Time.