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css top Some elements may have padding while others may not. Some elements may have margins while others may not. The content is what you see. With some elements you see the border. The rectangular stripe between the content and the border is the padding area. The border itself is also a rectangular stripe. Surrounding the border is the margin stripe. If the element has a background color or image, you see the color or image in the padding area. You may not see the background color or image through the content portion, unless the content portion has transparent parts. The border (stripe) if present would normally have a color. The margin stripe is always transparent and you can see through it to see the background (color or image) of the HTML BODY element, everything being equal.

Putting its best men on the job, the Confederate Navy managed for a short while to stop the Union dead in its tracks on the Mississippi River. On August 24, 1861, the Confederate Navy agents in Memphis, Tennessee approached the shipbuilding firm of Mr. John T. Shirley and tasked Mr. Shirley's company to deliver to it an ironclad ship that would effectively defend the Mississippi River against any Federal aggression that may arise. Mr.

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How many sites have you been on that have so much writing, your eyes don't know where to start? Kiss. Keep it simple. Make a copy, a backup of your site and burn it to a disk so you will have an offline copy in case something happens to your computer or website host. Website design tips.

Also, because website designing has to do with the net, there are a ton of tutorials on how to do anything and everything and a ton of coding websites which will provide you will the walkthroughs and all the coding you will ever need. Though this is the case, it still takes a great deal of work and dedication to produce good quality websites. Make sure to meet with your clients and discuss with them in detail what they would like to have done. Have a brainstorming session with them and make sure to allow them to give you constant feedback and ideas. Be creative and let your own imagination show through on your website designs. Treat your customer as you would want to be treated and create a website that you can be proud of. What most people in the website design business seem to forget is making the customer happy. If the customer ask for certain things to be done and you do extra free of charge or not charge for things you ordinarily would that goes a long way. Ask the customer what they feel a website is worth and ask them why they think that is the case. Throwing out a number in this type of situation is not smart and can lead to problem, the best way to approach it is to explain everything to your customer and then ask what they think about a price point based on the work, and then you can make a deal. Remember that having constant communication between you and your consumer is key here and you should always make sure they are pleased with your work.

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Web designers are building complex websites laden with heavy graphic elements. Web designers are still developing slow websites due to a lack of knowledge of simple graphic optimization techniques. It is important that the web designer gives their special attention to image optimization while web designing. When considering a new web design, you should select a company that utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to design and deliver professional web solutions, tailored to your needs. In extreme cases websites are taking few minutes to load instead of seconds their content in your browser. Of course the user will not wait long for a website to load and to display. Users quickly move on to the next website returned in search results. A skilled web designer will use CSS to optimize the web page as CSS controls the page structure according to HTML standards without compromising the look-and-feel of the page. So a web designer who is aware of the fact that a box with rounded corners can be achieved using CSS code only, without the need for any graphic image will deliver a faster loading and optimized website. Slicing plays very important role, when the web design is finished then it is sliced into small images to be used in the html code. Everything at this stage will affect the total page size as one must slice carefully so that the outcome will be a small file size.

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header css When you use special formatting tags they take on the attributes of the paragraphing tags. CSS Dimensions and Resolutions Introduction This is part 9 of my series, Basics of CSS2. In this part of the series, we talk about the width and height of HTML elements, as governed by CSS and their effects on different computer screen resolutions. Note If you cannot see the code or if you think anything is missing (broken link, image absent), just contact me at forchatrans@yahoo. com. That is, contact me for the slightest problem you have about what you are reading.