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css books < /p >Jazzing It Up and Other Final Notes Granted, this is very basic. but we haven't really styled it yet! Once you've built the tooltip, you can style it however you wish. A couple things you might want to try out are setting the width of the tooltip (on the "span" declaration), changing the background color, and customizing the margins of the text in the tooltip. You can also change the position of the tooltip by adding "top ", "left ", "right ", "bottom ", or some combination thereof to the "a.

Website design.html">design tips.

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what is lacking are really good tutorials that take you from Photoshop to Dreamweaver, or turning your PSD into HTML or CSS.

As dawn broke on July 15, 1862, Lieutenant Issac Brown prepared his ship and its crew of 232 brave officers and men for a mission that would place them forever in the annals of military history. Having orders to assist with the defense of the Confederate stronghold at Vicksburg and facing a falling tide on the Yazoo River, Lieutenant Brown ordered his crew to build up a head of steam in the ship's boilers and prepare the ship to engage the Federal fleet that was at the junction of the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers. In spite of delays that fouled the ship's gunpowder and filled its bow with scalding steam, the ship made its way down the Yazoo River and engaged the Federal fleet. Toward the end of the day, the C. S. S. S. Arkansas in June of 1862 and rendered it seaworthy in spite of the vessel's faulty engines. Mounting 10 guns and having armor as thick as four inches in some places, the C. S. S.

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The next step is advanced formatting and sectioning, to the magic of tags manipulation. Stay tuned for my next lesson of CSS Essentials series. CSS Surrounding Element Properties Introduction This is part 5 of my series, Basics of CSS2. In this part of the series I talk about the padding, border and margin of an element. In the previous part I talked about the CSS Box, where these surrounding features where introduced. You should read that part before reading this one. Look at the BODY element of a typical web page critically; you would realize that it has margin areas. It might also have borders, if the web site designer gave it borders (however, this is hardly done for the BODY element). DIV elements, Paragraph elements, inline elements (e. g. SPAN) all have padding, border and margin areas.

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css border leftbuildit. sitesell. com/ Draw each page before you make it on the site. Keep these in a folder or notebook you can refer to later. Important website design tips Take it easy on the flash and animations. A couple are cute. A lot are overload and will not only turn people away but it will also slow down how long it takes to load your page, which will deter viewers and lower your site rank. Always keep a copy of every photo, code and text you use. Nothing is worse than doing all that work just to loose it in a power surge. Organize your files and update them regularly. Many people get two thirds into their building and can't find the right picture or code.