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css bold text If you visualize a website, much of this is breaking up your code into imaginary boxes and tables, providing a foundation for your website. Using the right resources, this should range between ten and twenty hours to learn with limited previous programming knowledge. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - This language styles practically everything you see on the page. Borders, highlights, font faces, colors, placement (of the aforementioned organizational boxes), and more are all included in CSS. This is a critical language to know and probably takes between ten and fifteen hours to learn. With XHTML and CSS under your belt, you're ready to start designing your first static websites (websites that do not need to be updated regularly). PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) - PHP is used for the server-side requests of a website this means interacting with a database (used for storing users or forum posts, for example) or sending cookies from one page to another (eg. to make sure a user is logged still logged in). More than just a scripting or markup language, PHP is a real-deal programming language. As such, it is far more difficult and different than the previous two languages, and would take an estimated thirty to sixty hours to learn. MySQL - MySQL, an online database application, is generally learned in conjunction with PHP.

When you do not have any cursor/value pair in the style sheet, the browser normally determines the shape of the cursor based on the current context.

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S. Arkansas put up a brave and valiant fight in assisting the Confederate advance on Baton Rouge. The ship was winning the battle at first, but then it's engines were hit and steam entered all of the ship's compartments. This combined with a severe mechanical malfunction of the engines disabled its power and rendered the ship to being a sitting duck. As the ship was sustaining continued attacks by the two Union vessels, Lieutenant Stevens ordered her abandoned and had the crew scuttle the ship. In the end, it floated downriver and exploded and sank near Free Negro Point.

When your future clients search for your company name and your website is listed at the top search result they will sense that your company is not a small fry but a professional one and running a serious business. If you have a dedicated IT department in your company you should let them do the work of building the company website. They are already in the company so they understand what should be put on the website and what not. If you don't have the techies to do the job then outsourcing the work to a professional web design or web development company is the answer. But how do you choose on from the myriad of choices out there? Do you happen to have a friend who outsources the whole website building to a website design company? If so ask him about it. Check his website and see if you like the work.

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This gave the ship the ability to have both cannons cover the port and starboard sides together and individually they could cover the fore and aft portions of the ship. In addition to this Chief Constructor Porter designed the ship to have a large iron ram mounted in a strong reinforced position on the ship's bow. The ship was also designed to have enough armor to withstand the toughest of combat actions with 4 inch thick iron plating armor placed over an 8 inch thick oak reinforcement. This behemoth of a ship was built under the guidance of naval architect, Gilbert Elliot, and the commander of the ship, Commander J. W. Cooke. Built at Edwards Ferry, North Carolina, in a cornfield that bordered the Roanoke River, it took the Confederate Navy about nine months to construct the ship. The ship measured a total of 152 feet long with a draft of 9 feet. This was shallow enough to allow the ship to operate in the coastal waters of North Carolina and gave the Confederate Navy a hope of reopening the ports in North Carolina that the Union had taken. Just to demonstrate the power of the CSS Albemarle, the ship was ordered to assist in the Confederate Army's attack on Plymouth, North Carolina. In the course of three days from the 17th of April to the 20th of April, the Confederate Navy in conjunction with the operations of the Confederate Army cleared out the port of Plymouth, North Carolina, and cleared the Roanoke River of any Union forces.

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iframe css You can add other < a > tags inside. However, the mouse needs to move directly from the hovered anchor into the span block, or else the user will never be able to click on the link - in other words, make sure the tooltip overlaps the link. Although the tooltip needs to be embedded in an anchor tag, that doesn't mean it needs to be inside a link. Notice how there is no "href=''" attribute in the anchor tag above. You may therefore want to add some special styling to this type of anchor (which I declared as a special class, "info") so that a user knows it is a mouseover but not a regular link. Finally, the "position relative" attribute needs to remain inside the "a. info hover" declaration. Just do it. Be creative and start styling your own tooltips today. How to Customize Your Mouse Cursor with CSS Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, is a style sheet language used in web development to describe the presentation of structured documents. CSS is used to design and customizing web pages written in HTML by defining colors, font, and layout of text.