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css text justify The US Navy though was a step ahead of the Confederate Navy this time and had one of their toughest ships stationed near Cherbourg to stop the CSS Alabama. This ship was the USS Kearsarge. Upon hearing that the CSS Alabama was facing the possibility of being stuck in the harbor at Cherbourg due to the arrival of theUSS Kearsarge , Captain Semmes decided that the Confederate cruiser would meet the US Navy in combat off the coast of Cherbourg. Captain Semmes came to this decision because he had already been forced to abandon one ship, the CSS Sumter , when the ship had been blockaded in the harbor at Gibraltar. Readying the ship for combat, the officers and men of the CSS Alabama left Cherbourg harbor on the morning of June 19, 1864, to meet the USS Kearsarge in battle. The decision to battle the USS Kearsarge would prove to be fatal for the CSS Alabama . One hour after the battle began, the Confederate ship was reduced to a sinking hulk. In spite of ultimately being sunk, the CSS Alabama in her almost 2 year career had cut a swath of astonishing accomplishments across the pages of seafaring history and ensured that her own name and the names of her crew and commander would be forever etched in history. Even to the present day, navies around the world study and examine the strategies and operations that involved the CSS Alabama . In her entire career the Confederate cruiser accounted for over sixty US ships sunk or captured and a total of about $6 million dollars of damages, which in the money of today equals in excess of $81 million dollars. An additional astonishing legacy, is that prior to the engagement with the USS Kearsarge , not one life was lost aboard the CSS Alabama was lost to battle or disease.

You need this for that body background-image url("myImage. gif"); background-repeat repeat The added property is, background-repeat and the value is, repeat (no x or y). The first property/pair has to be there, to download the image. no-repeat If you have a small image and you do not want it to repeat at all, then you have to do this body background-image url("myImage. gif"); background-repeat no-repeat With this, there will be no repetition horizontally, no repetition vertically and no repetition to fill the background. Note the HTML BODY and DIV elements have been used above; you can use other elements.

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" HarperCollins, New York.

HTML is a car with a small engine. It takes you where you want to go, but it won't get you there very fast and it won't feel or sound as cool as the car with the BIG engine-CSS and HTML combined. With a big, four-wheeled-drive engine you're less likely to get stuck in snow or mud, allowing you to go many more places than before. The same is true for web pages, and all you have to do to understand this is compare HTML sites to CSS sites. You can build a hundred web pages, but if you use HTML, you have to go through each one and modify it if you want to make a wholesale change. But with CSS, it's as simple as going to the one CSS page and changing the attribute (the background color, font size, or margins), and instantaneously having the rest of your pages change with it.

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But, there are just few websites who have higher return on investment (ROI) or large amount of visitors visiting websites everyday. This is because they have a well-designed attractive website. The appearance of the website is the first thing that one observes while browsing through. Therefore, it becomes a perquisite while designing. But before working towards design of the website, it is important to evaluate the kind of website you would be creating. The different types of website ie dynamic and static have different parameters for designing. Based upon your requirement, you can design an appealing and attractive website. Features of a Good Website Every website has different parameters for designing. But, there are certain features or parameters which remain same for a good website. They are ' Color Scheme Selecting a right color combination is very important for your website. If your website is related to children, then select bright colors like red, orange, green, etc to attract their attention.

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html include css (See Image 7 to see the final results) You have just created an Image Rollover Button in Dreamweaver using CSS. You may need to make changes to the font color depending on the color of your button. That can be done by right clicking on the document and Clicking CSS > Edit and you can edit which one you need to. CSS Backgrounds and Colors Introduction This is the third part of my series, Basics of CSS2. In this part of the series, I talk about background and colors in more detail. Many HTML elements especially containing elements (blocks) can have background image or color. A containing element is an element that can have smaller HTML elements. Note If you cannot see the code or if you think anything is missing (broken link, image absent), just contact me at forchatrans@yahoo. com. That is, contact me for the slightest problem you have about what you are reading. Background Image To give an element a background image, use the following property/value pair.