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css training Again the ingenuity and dogged determination of John Shirley and the Confederate Navy would be put to the test. Because the C. S. S. Arkansas was closer to completion than her sister ship, the decision was made to move the Arkansas and to burn her sister ship to prevent capture. The C.

Letter Spacing Sometimes you would want to space out the characters (letters) of a Heading or SPAN element or some other element.

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And hey, the finished product (whether you plan on using it or are creating it simply for use in the tutorial series) is pretty cool and definitely something you'll be happy to show off.

The series will cover the following topics Components of web design project template folders Commenting and making the code easier to adjust Creating applications ready to go! Style sheets and the basics of creating a simple CSS file that can work with ALL your projects Folders and file systems within projects And more! Stay tuned for the series on efficient web design process and template creation for your web designs. Website Design - Where to Start Do you consider yourself to be internet savvy and yet have a hard time designing your own website? Just because you use the internet daily does not necessarily mean you have the insight to what makes a website particularly good. If you are trying to get a website started for a business, now is the time! It is said that companies that lack a presence on the internet could become obsolete in the very near future. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but in reality, with a little assistance, it's not very tricky at all. Before you start, it is imperative that you have basic computer skills, a computer and internet you can have unlimited access to, a website construction tool and a location to publish your website. Then you can begin looking at more creative aspects of website design. The most important part about designing your website is to know your objectives. Are you creating the site to sell a product? It's important to make you page user friendly or your customers will be less inclined to purchase products from you. Maybe your webpage is just a hobby, a place for your own personal development. Whatever the case, your objectives should be the driving force of every part of your website design, from the welcome page to the logout menu. Who is your target audience? How will you draw them to your site? This is where creativity becomes a big player in the success of your website.

css navigation bar

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Giving the Cursor a Shape To give a cursor a shape, you need a cursor/value pair in the declaration block for the CSS rule of the element concerned. The cursor property can take many values. You give the cursor a particular shape by giving a particular value to the cursor property. In this article I give you the names of the values (shapes) and their meanings. When the mouse pointer is over an element (or over the property of the element) the mouse pointer takes the shape, which the value of the cursor property specifies for that element. For this article, the cursor and the mouse pointer mean the same thing. Now let us look at the values and examples. In many of the examples an HTML Paragraph element whose width is 30% that of the BODY width is used. auto With this value, the browser determines the shape of the cursor based on the current content. This is usually the same as not having any cursor/value pair in the style sheet. When you do not have any cursor/value pair in the style sheet, the browser normally determines the shape of the cursor based on the current context.

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free css templates Even so, anyone who spends long hours reading websites will appreciate the lack of eye-strain if designers use high-contrast font and backgrounds. My website uses a light yellow background with black fonts in Times New Roman. The font is a consistent 12 point size so users don't have to Zoom In. Also, sans serif fonts often confuse readers because capital "i's" look like "l's" and capital "O's" look like zeroes. Use fancy fonts sparingly. More is NOT better. A conventional font with serifs, like Times, New Roman, is easy to read in blocks of text, while fancy fonts are fun to use for headlines. Another thing about text and graphics break up blocks of text in short paragraphs and place graphics so they "face" or direct the eye to the text. Leave open spaces to give the eye a rest. Blank space is as useful as filled space. This helps guide the reader to to product information.