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background color css An extremely attractive website design involves lots of graphics and a perfect page size to download it quickly to the browser. Attractive and light websites which download quickly also increase traffic and decrease the bounce rate. Decent web design companies not only web design and develop, but also making browsing experience user friendly. The average internet bandwidth rate raising per computer day by day. Web designers are building complex websites laden with heavy graphic elements. Web designers are still developing slow websites due to a lack of knowledge of simple graphic optimization techniques. It is important that the web designer gives their special attention to image optimization while web designing. When considering a new web design, you should select a company that utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to design and deliver professional web solutions, tailored to your needs. In extreme cases websites are taking few minutes to load instead of seconds their content in your browser. Of course the user will not wait long for a website to load and to display. Users quickly move on to the next website returned in search results.

In the links that start appearing is where you will find the tutorials.

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The background color for any element is the color of all the area of the element behind the text. So, if the foreground color of the paragraph element is red and the background color is blue, then the text in the paragraph will appear red and all the area behind the text will appear blue. Value of the Style Attribute Each HTML element has a default presentation (default size, default color, etc). The value of the style attribute is for you to change one or more of these default presentational features (characteristics). Let us look at an example. Consider the following code text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text It is a paragraph element.

The majority of website design services can create one for you but keep in mind that in most cases, the website design company will consider this an extra cost in the price of the website. In Costa Rica, the price of a logo will range from $100 to $500 USD but some companies may charge in the thousands of dollars. The importance of a logo is at the top as this is the image that you will use to brand your company thus; you want to make sure it fits what your website is about. Additionally, if you are not wholly satisfied with the logo and are thinking it about just creating a new one in the future, keep in mind the cost it would be to change the logo again on the website, newsletter, signs, company headers and printed articles. So do yourself a favor and do not be afraid to spend some money on a good logo for yourself. How interactive do you need your website to be? Interactive in website design lingo means, using a programmer to either create or install the necessary software to create interactivity with you and your website visitors. If you are using a good website design company, they will first try to keep the cost down for you by looking for open source software that match your needs and as a last resort will create a software from scratch for you. Here are some examples to give you an idea ' User being able to login and have an account that gives him access to have a changeable profile, upload pictures and interact with other users. ' Forms such as contact forms, polls, content submission and questionnaires ' Here are a few other items that are considered interactive forums, commenting, download, and shopping carts, etc.

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A small file size will provide fast downloading to retain the visitor interest on site. Efficient slicing is achieved by taking below points in to account 1. Using small number of slices containing limited number of colors. Do not make large slices that contain lots of different colors. 2. Avoid large slice that contains the same graphic structure and use small portion and and duplicate it in code. 3. Use the correct file format as in some cases GIF format will be much smaller in size. Every 1KB that you reduce from the image file size will add up to a significant reduction in page size. 4. For solid color background use code to create the background.

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css align center This content area has width (horizontal) and height (vertical). padding-width Consider an element inside a containing block. The padding-width of the element is given with respect to the width of the content area of the containing block. border-width As of CSS2, you cannot give the border width in percentage. You can give it in pixels. margin-width Consider an element inside a containing block. The margin-width of the element is given with respect to the width of the content area of the containing block. Dimensions width Consider an element inside a containing block. The width of the element is given with respect to the width of the content area of the containing block. height Consider an element inside a containing block. The height of the element is given with respect to the height of the content area of the containing block.