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flex css Other units can be used. This is a horizontal distance from the right edge of the containing element, to the right content edge of the element being placed. bottom This value is a number in px or percentage. Other units can be used. This is a vertical distance from the bottom edge of the containing element, to the bottom content edge of the element being placed. z-index This is the z-index position of the element (layer).

In the above example the element concerned is the Paragraph element. Each part of the attribute is made up of two parts. So, in this example there are two main parts in the value of the attribute and two parts in each of the main parts. In a main part, the first part (half) is the name of the presentational feature, while the second part (half) is the actual presentational feature. In the above case, one presentational feature (characteristic) is background-color and its actual presentational feature (characteristic) is blue. The second presentational feature is color (foreground color) and its actual presentational feature is red.

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This meant that the Confederates were able to raise it and use the engine and hull to make an ironclad steamer. They renamed this new ship the CSS Virginia. Ironclads were a very new invention and their successful use in the Civil War could have disrupted the Union blockade of Southern ports. Because the ship was covered in four inches of iron on all sides, it was virtually impervious to the cannon balls fired by the Union ships. On the other hand, the Virginia posed a serious threat to wooden Union ships and could either ram them or shoot them with its deck mounted guns. Fearing that the Confederates would break the blockade with this ironclad, Congress authorized the construction of three of their own ironclads.

Free CSS Templates are every where and are fairly easy to use. Most people are now using CSS templates because it helps the web page load faster. When you're using other templates like html or Photoshop, they tend to load a bit slower. You also have many more options with CSS. For example, you can create sections or columns without using tables when you use CSS. Where Can I Get Free CSS Templates? Free CSS Templates are widely available. To begin your search, check out the websites below. They provide quite a bit of CSS templates. If you cannot find what you are looking for, try doing a search on the search engine you use. You may have to weed through some of the websites to find the Free CSS Templates, but there are some great ones out there. So, let's take a look at a couple of the best websites with free CSS templates.

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It is a client-side language, which means instead of refreshing the page and making requests to the server all the time, your computer (the client) does the work instead. Its animations and user interactivity make it a popular addition to making webpages transition and function smoothly. Estimated time between thirty and forty hours. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) - Not as much a language as an extension in the use of JavaScript, this language can call to the server without reloading the page. Estimated time to learn AJAX fifteen hours. I Don't Think I Have That Much Time. I gave those estimates to be realistic learning how to design websites is not something you do overnight. You must be driven by a desire to learn and enrich yourself, both mentally and monetarily. You may ask, "So how did you do it?" I've been studying website design for about the past eight months, three of which I was busy during, making it a total of five months.

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div class css I achieved the text effect by pasting my layer style and changing the color from gray to green. (See Illustration 05). Part Four The Navigation Easy so far? Great - because it's not going to get harder . it gets easier. Now we get to make our navigation buttons. 1 Use your rectangle marquee tool to create breaks in your navigation block - select an area and hit the backspace key on your keyboard to erase it. Move the marquee over and erase the next space. (See Illustration 06). 2 Now we're going to carry the idea of metal rivets through our navigation.