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css in php Porter. The Confederate ironclad ship would carry two heavy Brooke pattern naval cannons mounted on swivel pivots in the fore and aft parts of the ship's casemate with the each having the ability to fire out of 3 cannon ports. This gave the ship the ability to have both cannons cover the port and starboard sides together and individually they could cover the fore and aft portions of the ship. In addition to this Chief Constructor Porter designed the ship to have a large iron ram mounted in a strong reinforced position on the ship's bow. The ship was also designed to have enough armor to withstand the toughest of combat actions with 4 inch thick iron plating armor placed over an 8 inch thick oak reinforcement. This behemoth of a ship was built under the guidance of naval architect, Gilbert Elliot, and the commander of the ship, Commander J. W. Cooke. Built at Edwards Ferry, North Carolina, in a cornfield that bordered the Roanoke River, it took the Confederate Navy about nine months to construct the ship. The ship measured a total of 152 feet long with a draft of 9 feet. This was shallow enough to allow the ship to operate in the coastal waters of North Carolina and gave the Confederate Navy a hope of reopening the ports in North Carolina that the Union had taken.

net/encyclopedia/entry-detail. aspx?entryID=2854 "Confederate Ship Blown Up by Crew," History Channel http //www. history. com/this-day-in-history/loss-of-css-arkansas Myron J. Smith Jr. , "The C.

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The margin-width of the element is given with respect to the width of the content area of the containing block. Dimensions width Consider an element inside a containing block. The width of the element is given with respect to the width of the content area of the containing block. height Consider an element inside a containing block. The height of the element is given with respect to the height of the content area of the containing block. Positioning top This offset is a percentage (fraction) of the containing block's content width.

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This brought the ship to the notice of Charleston's commander, General P. G. T. Beauregard. General Beauregard upon hearing of the ship asked the Confederate Navy to have it shipped to Charleston in an effort to help break the blockade of that port. On the night of February 17, 1864, the CSS H. L. Hunley was readied for its mission that would forever place its name in the history books. The submarine moved up on the USS Housatonic and placed its spar torpedo into the side of the US Navy ship before the crew realized the submarine was attacking it. When the USS Housatonic's crew finally realized they were under attack they engaged the ship's engines to get away from the CSS H. L.

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web templates css Open (double click) the file in your browser. The explanation of the code is given below. The Heading of Page text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text There is a BODY element with a background color, black. Inside the BODY element, you have the H1 element and a P (paragraph) element. The BODY element has a style attribute with background color, black. So the whole web page is black. Now, the property name for background color is background-color. The property name for foreground color is simply, color. The H1 element has no background color. It has only the foreground color, which is yellow. So the background of the H1 element is the same background that the BODY element has, with color black.