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css validator First of all appearances are a really big part of the equation, for if the website is attractive then everyone will be enticed to look and experience the beauty of the vehicle. The look of a sleek Ferrari gets so much more attention than the family hatchback. If you get the chance to sit in a Ferrari most people will take the opportunity. Make sure that your website is also attractive and enticing. Clean lines that flow do work well. Then there are the inner workings that entice you to look and linger with clean fresh style that relaxes and yet empowers all that visit.

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On August 8, 2000, the ship was raised and is now sitting at the former Charleston Navy Base in a conservation facility being restored.

The Request. Browser object has crapload of different properties with which you can make dynamic loading of javascript, css and other external documents as customized as you want to. For instance you could get the type of the browser or its version by saying browser. GetType() or browser. Version. Ok, Hope this short how to Tutorial helps someone. If you find any mistakes I made, please comment. Seven SEO Website Design Advantages Do you intend to offer Internet services soon? If yes, you recognize the importance of creating a professional looking website. You also need to understand the concept of Search engine optimization. It applies throughout the art of website creation, management and marketing. In other words, you have to set a good website foundation.

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The value to this property is an integer. HTML elements can actually be placed in front of one another, covering one another as seen by the web page user. Everything being equal, the BODY element is considered to be at a z-index value of zero. The elements placed in the BODY element normally are considered to be at a z-index value of 1. You can give elements z-index values from 2 upward. The element with the greatest value is the one seen foremost by the user. The other elements may be covered by elements of higher z-indices. Fixed Positioning needs the top, left, bottom and right CSS properties; I will explain these below. Try the following example first to appreciate what is going on before we continue (use your own image). Scroll up and down the page and note that the image remains fixed at its position. "http //www.

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css visited You can also have a space, before and/or after a semicolon. The following code is a simple web page example. Copy the code into a text editor and save it as an HTML file (. htm or . html extension). Open (double click) the file in your browser. The explanation of the code is given below. The Heading of Page text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text There is a BODY element with a background color, black. Inside the BODY element, you have the H1 element and a P (paragraph) element. The BODY element has a style attribute with background color, black. So the whole web page is black.