css parent selector

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w3c css validator Because of inheritance your sentence will be bolded plus it it's still colored blue. Nesting a class within a styled element will apply both styles to the nested class plus the main style applied to the containing element, and this is one of major advantages of CSS as a scripting language. IDs IDs have some similarity to classes on the way it's using, but ID only used in a single element and applied once. ID is declared on the CSS as follow blockcontainer width 80%; margin auto; padding 20px; background ffffff; Then used in the html as follow < div id="blockcontainer" > .

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css calendar

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Why this way is recommended though? Let's assume you want to change the color of all headers on a website that contain 10 html pages, all these pages link to one external CSS file that responsible for styling these pages.

Other units can be used. This is a horizontal distance from the left edge of the client area, to the left content edge of the element being placed. right The value here is a number in px or percentage. Other units can be used. This is a horizontal distance from the right edge of the client area, to the right content edge of the element being placed. bottom The value here is a number in px or percentage.

css parent selector

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. and make it a class, then apply that class on any text that you want to look like that heading. An id is for a section of the website itself, and has a pound sign in front of it. You would use an id if you were setting up a part of the website with a specific width, background color, height, and so on. So if it's a section of the page that makes up the page use an id, and if it's going to be applied to elements within the site sections use a class. So because the menu is a part of the site, we can start by creading an id which will be applied to the menu. In your style sheet create an id called "menu" which should look something like this menu Within that id we can set up the way the text looks. Let's make it 10pt Tahoma for the example. It should look like this menu font-size 10pt; font-family tahoma, sans-serif; 3. ) Apply the id to the menu. Go back to the HTML file from step 1.

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