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css fonts text This value is used to indicate text that can be selected. It is often rendered as an I-bar. Under default conditions you would not need to use the CSS Cursor Property and its values for your web page. However, if you were really looking for a customized web page, then you would need the property and its values. When the mouse pointer goes over a hyperlink element is has the shape of a hand. If you know that your user will recognize a phrase as a hyperlink, and you want him to know that he can select the text (content) of the hyperlink, then use the cursor text value for this. Try the following code. Move the mouse pointer over the content of the hyperlink and note that it is an I-bar (and not the expected hand). The link can still be clicked to load a different page. The code is not supported by all browsers "http //www. w3.

This helps your website visitors to easily navigate through your website from one page to another. 5. Search engine optimization (SEO) You should make sure that your Meta tags are correctly put. Also make sure you put the relevant keywords in the description area. This helps some engines to index your websites. It also helps to give results based on your keywords on queries done on some search engines.

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Browser. ToLower() == "ie") checks to see if the browser is of type IE. In that case it loads the IEstyles css other wise some other style. css That is it. The Request. Browser object has crapload of different properties with which you can make dynamic loading of javascript, css and other external documents as customized as you want to.

It is also useful for the common users. Sometimes some websites take a long to open. This only irritates the visitor and he browses to some other website from where he can access information without any delay. This decreases the volume of traffic on your website. W3C CSS takes care of this problem. It also provides an attractive visual display.

css reference

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You should have a look at the list of colors that I wrote. To see the web page, just type, XHTML Colors, with my name, Chrys in the Search box of this page and click Search. If you have the Google Search box on this page, use it. We have got the basics of CSS background and colors. In the next part of the series, we shall continue with something else. Chrys CSS Box Introduction This is part 4 of my series, Basics of CSS2. Each HTML element such as the DIV, Paragraph and SPAN element, resides in a box. In this part of the series, we look at characteristics of the box and related features. Note If you cannot see the code or if you think anything is missing (broken link, image absent), just contact me at forchatrans@yahoo. com. That is, contact me for the slightest problem you have about what you are reading.

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blockquote css Nowadays, website's web page real estate is 1024 X 768resolution; web page real estate is the area in which website is covered as compared to full screen. The font size should be 11 or 12 pixels, so that the text is easily readable. Prefer to select a professional font face rather than fancy fonts. ' Loads Quickly Website should have graphics to make it appealing, but avoid having loads of graphics or scripting as it will increase the website load time. If websites takes more than few second to load, people tend to get annoyed and browse through another website. Overall the website should have a user-friendly and well-organized professional look to attract millions of visitors.