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css magazine The larger the image, the longer the time it takes to download. That is it for background-repeat. The background Property You might want a background image, and/or a repeat style and/or a background color. You can achieve this as follows body background-image url("myImage. gif"); background-repeat repeat-y; background-color bisque With the background property, you do not have to use the above properties; you use the values separated from themselves with spaces; as follows body background url("myImage. gif") repeat-y bisque; color blue Between the property, background, and the values is the colon. Between the values are spaces. After the values of the background property, you have a semicolon before the next property/value pair. The 'background' property is said to be a shorthand property for setting the individual background properties. There are other shorthand properties like this, as we shall see. Background Color If want a background color, you need the property, background-color and the color name or color code as value.

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CSS Margin 9.

No Doubt, Everyone is using high bandwidth connections but web design optimization is necessary to produce optimized web pages. Publishing optimized web pages will enhance the browsing experience with visitors that have fast internet connections as well as those with slower connections. Basic and Effective Website Design for Beginners There are quite a few ways you can design a simple and basic website that can leave a positive impact on your visitors. These tips are meant to be for people who are new to web design and really haven't done much web page creation. Years ago, it was a lot more difficult to understand the simple workings and creations of web pages, but with a vast amount of unlimited resources, web design has become quite simple. There are just a few basic rules you should keep in mind when creating your site.

css rotate image

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The main reason that CSS is becoming so popular today is because it basically makes website maintenance much easier than before. It can even help your pages load faster because there will be a lot less data to transfer. This is very helpful to some like I said and then there others who don't have or don't think they have a use for this, but if you're one who does then keep reading. As I was looking to learn CSS myself a couple of months ago I went to several bookstores and looked for CSS books to learn the stuff from but most of them said fifty dollars or more usually. Then I looked for a class or something that I could take and that was a thousand dollars or more so I decided to look online. Guess what I found? Yes, I found a CSS interactive tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know about CSS for free and it all takes less than 3 hours to complete. This wonderful website that provides this is called DAVESITE. It is a great site started by a wonderful man whom is very talented in his teaching ways. The tutorial is very easy to go through; it has no big language that can only be understood by computer geeks, and it's all interactive meaning that you can try out what you learn at the end of each chapter. As I finish this article I would like to say that if I didn't know CSS I'd go crazy coding all of my website pages one at a time for different styling. Go ahead and give it a try, you will not regret it and you will become more knowledgeable and maybe even more of an asset to any company by the end of the day.

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css xhtml With the separation of design and content now created by blogs and content management systems it is more important than ever to learn how CSS can help your web page. And that will start from the moment you first export the original PSD file. Keep in mind before you ever export the file how you want to layout the images and the web page in general. In addition to the speed gain and other advantages of CSS, one of the most important aspects of CSS is it's ability to alter complete sites at once. When all your web pages are based on one CSS file, you can edit that file and change the appearance site wide. This is a huge advantage as you don't need to edit every file on your web site.