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css text style dotted The border is a series of dots. dashed The border is a series of short line segments. solid The border is a single line segment. double The border is two solid lines. The sum of the two lines and the space between them equals the value of 'border-width'. groove The border looks as though it were carved into the canvas (surface). ridge The opposite of 'grove' the border looks as though it were coming out of the canvas. inset The border makes the entire box look as though it were embedded in the canvas. outset The opposite of 'inset' the border makes the entire box look as though it were coming out of the canvas. Note if you do not want a border, you will not use the three-in-one value. You will use either the style value alone set to "none", or the width value alone, set to 0px.

In the style declaration, a < span > inside of an < a > will have "display none", while a < span > inside of an < a hover > will have "display block".

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We don't use templates but create a fresh design for each of our clients. We know how important it is to boost your business. Care to know more? Call us today. A Few Bad Things About PSD to CSS3 that Frustrates Many Developers In the web development industry, every web developer (including me) tends to hold a special place for CSS3 in his or her heart. The reason? It is a great solution for creating the interactive effects, animations and nice-looking navigation menus. It comes with many interesting additions which mainly include multiple backgrounds, text-shadow, border-image, opacity, box-sizing, border-radius and lots more.

Personally, I have tried about ten different CMS programs, and I'm still deciding which one is best for me. For a list of the CMS options out there, with reviews, user opinions and descriptions, visit Open Source CMS This is a short list, it could be longer. But, I hope it can be helpful to anyone attempting to conquer the extremely vast world of web design and programming. Please comment if you know of more useful programs you might put higher up on the hierarchy, or have opinions about some CMS software options. Importance of an Ecommerce Website Design Do you have a product or service you intend to sell on the Internet? The ecommerce website design is the most appropriate in your case. Even if you choose a simple design, you should really understand the key purpose of this website. The main goal for this website is to capture the site visitor's interest, woo them to opt-in and finally entice them to make a purchase. This is why you have to think about the whole designing procedure. The ecommerce sites are normally attractive, organized and professional looking. This means that your designer has to make use of colors, images and graphics creatively. However, the SEO site creation principles are most important when you want to make this type of a website.

css sites

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So all links located within the menu id will have this style, and if you were to create an id like this menu. h2 It would make all the h2 heading tags within the menu tag have the style you give the id. Don't make one though since menus don't have headings! It's just something worth knowing. To get rid of the underlines on the links, let's add a style to them that removes the underlines like this menu a text-decoration none; Let's give them a color that will let help them stand out as links. Try to choose one that shows up well on the background color. For the example we'll use a shade of grey menu a text-decoration none; color 444444; Now save and preview your HTML page and you'll see that the underlines are gone and they will be grey. We didn't have to edit the HTML because the menu already has menu id on it and we just added to it. So let's add some more. 5. ) Adding the rollovers. Now that we've set up our links and styled them we're ready to add a rollover style.

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css zoomA secured check out process, with the option of multiple payment gateways, a dynamic product catalogue at the administrative end with no hidden charges are the important elements that top the list. An e-commerce shop with an effective SEO strategy so that it is ranked in the top list of the major search engines is the another important feature that cannot afford to be missed out. A search engine and user friendly site can bear you profits, and with the help of a good web design and web development company, you are ready with a professional, and sophisticated e-commerce store that would prove to be an asset in the long run. InkNoise - CSS Generator Overview InkNoise layout-o-matic is a tool that allows a web developer to choose layout (2 or 3 column, full page) sidebars size, spacing, etc to come up with a CSS file, which will produce the specified site design. It is a major saver and most users prefer to use it since its designers ensured it is compatible using various browsers. All the user needs to do is select a desired layout type and other options such as width before clicking view or download. Users can use the generated layouts for commercial or personal purposes. InkNoise layout-o-matic is used in publishing services, which include galleries, pages and weblogs. It is ideal to be used by people who are enthusiastic about any endeavor or topic. Published weblogs, pages and galleries include sidebars that have the user's content choice such as book choices, links, photos, recent entries and more. Users can place sounds, video, images into their published content.