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simple css template You can, for example, totally revamp the design and appearance of your cursor. You simply have to insert particular CSS code into your HTML field. If the code is properly inserted, the cursor will be modified based on the conditions defined in the code. This tutorial will present examples of the different types or styles of cursors, along with code an instructions on how to customize your own cursor. Here are examples of the codes for creating a number of different cursor effects Default cursor default Crosshair cursor crosshair Hand cursor hand Pointer cursor pointer Move cursor move Text cursor text Help cursor help Wait cursor wait Resize north cursor n-resize Resize northeast cursor ne-resize Resize east cursor e-resize Resize southeast cursor se-resize Resize south cursor s-resize Resize southwest cursor sw-resize Resize west cursor w-resize Resize northwest cursor nw-resize Not allowed cursor not allowed All-scroll cursor all-scroll Using CSS to define your cursor style Image 1 *In order to change cursor style when it hovers over links, use the following code Replace value with the desired cursor effect. Image 2 *In order to change cursor style for the entire page, use the following code Replace value with the desired effect. Image 3 *In order to change the cursor style for certain areas of the page, use the following code Replace value with the desired effect. The mentioned examples provide the fundamentals of Cascade Style Sheets. Creating cursors is just one capability of CSS. In addition to this, Cascading Style Sheets allows users to store information that is used to define font, color, and layouts into one file, instead of having to create an HTML code for every instance it is needed. You can control the format of many documents with a single style sheet.

right The value here is a number in px or percentage.

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Years ago, it was a lot more difficult to understand the simple workings and creations of web pages, but with a vast amount of unlimited resources, web design has become quite simple. There are just a few basic rules you should keep in mind when creating your site. It has never been proven that a graphic intense complex website provides better results than the average simple website. In fact, through my experiences I have found that the most basic of website are the sites that produce the best results. This of course can depend on what type of website you are creating, and what type of visitor your website attracts. I have gathered five simple pointers that can really improve your overall website designing experience.

After that the browser will continue to display the inline elements and text, wrapping then as the end of line is reached. Then it would display the second block-level element, which will as expected take one complete horizontal stripe from the left end to the right end. Lastly, it displays the inline elements and text, wrapping them. This is what is called the normal flow of HTML elements in CSS. Your web page design should always take a normal flow unless you want special features, as Absolute Positioning (see below). HTML Element Dimensions For your element to be positioned, it needs to have width and height.

css stylesheet

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For those who don't know what a Static Page is, let me explain. A Static Page is used in WordPress to give you individual . htm or . html pages. Since WordPress is a Blog software, it is easier to use Static Pages to create your home page. It is also used for pages like About Me, Contact Me, FAQ, etc. When you create a Home page you will place everything that you want on the home page in that one page in your WordPress Admin. So with that out the way, let's move on. Assuming you already have a home page or some type of "page". In your WordPress Admin Panel click on Manage > Pages. A list of pages that you have created will pull up.

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css programs You have to make sure that the keywords are among the first words in the title. *It allows you to use natural language - It is very important for you to understand the concept of keyword density and keyword stuffing. The search engine crawlers have mastered a way of identifying keyword overuse throughout your web pages. To solve the problem, just avoid repeating a keyword more than it is necessary. The semantically associated keywords could do the trick. *Allows you to include a Sitemap File - This is great for search engines. You should even create a HTML version for the site visitors. Submit to Google whichever Sitemap file version you have using appropriate web administrator tools. *Enables you to create an internal linking structure - You use proper Search engine optimization keywords and easy descriptions to allow smooth navigation. Users and search engine spiders can move from page to page on your website easily. *It is Editable - Although all sites are not easy to edit, a starter will enjoy running this type of a site.