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css 2 In spite of the ship's faulty engines, the C. S. S. Arkansas was ordered to assist in the Confederate Army's advance on Baton Rouge, Louisiana on August 6, 1862. This battle would prove to be the fatal death knell of the ship and her brave crew. Because Captain Brown had been wounded in the action of July 22, the ship's first officer, Lieutenant Henry K.

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This tutorial is also interactive, and so you will have the ability to practice whatever you feel is necessary at the bottom of the pages.

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css syntax

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Next, we need to know about "a hover". Anchor elements can have a number of pseudo-classes - hover, visited, and active. By creating an "a hover" style declaration, the anchor can have different style when the mouse is hovered over the anchor. Finally, we'll use the "position" attribute. This can be either "position relative" or "position absolute". If you give a block-level element "position absolute" you can place it anywhere on the page and have it display on top of the other elements. It's kind of like a sticky note you throw on top of the rest of the web page. How Do They Build a Tooltip? With these three attributes in hand, we can start building our customized tooltips. The tooltip itself is going to be a block-level element (< span >) with a "position absolute" setting. This lets the tooltip appear on top of text - creating its own box on top of everything, instead of displacing other text to make room for itself. The < span > element will start with a "display none" setting, so that it doesn't appear.

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